Green games outdoors and online

Green games outdoors and online

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Green games, of course, those with whom to spend whole days in the open air, in nature, running around in a park, more cautiously in a city park or in the courtyard: hide and seek, guard and thieves and let's even put Witch commands colors that, in her being "witch ”Has taught generations and generations to look around more attention and sensitivity. Also towards the environment.

The Green Games, however, today it is not only these, nobody wants to archive the timeless, but we also support them Green games 2.0 that I take nothing away, indeed add, opportunities to teach children (and adults) good environmental education practices. From the rreceived recycled to rinspect of flowers, fromanti-waste to sustainable mobility. Without prejudice, juggling between attachment to tradition and curiosity for innovation ... let's play!

Green games outdoors

Each of us certainly has our own Green games favorite, outdoors, and there are so many, baptized in each region with different names, that it is difficult to name them all. In addition to those already mentioned, among the Green games for example, there is also the most popular and effective Treasure hunt. Let's think about it: with the excuse of looking for a treasure, we can help the little ones to find the treasures of nature, those hidden in the grass or in the trees, letting them also learn to orient themselves in the green and not only in traffic.

Another one of mine Green games favorite is Blind man's buff. Why, if nothing is seen? It is a great way to let you touch, and hear with your ears, how important silence is and what sound pollution means, a type often neglected by the media and by themselves environmental educators.

Green games online

If skeptical, sui Green Games 2.0, try to read, then you will evaluate. Even online, very green and wasteful (and cost) messages can be transmitted, or almost zero, making them attractive to generations who were born with smartphones in the cradle. A nice initiative on Green games online, made in USA, an American non-profit association created it, the "Games for Change" is called "Climate Challenge" and it is a competition between start-ups called to invent environmental education games for children.

In partnership with Autodesk, an American software multinational, and the Columbia University, this non-profit rewards with 10 thousand dollars whoever has created the best of all Green games online, the one that best raises young people's awareness of issues such as change, pushing them to get involved in the first person.

In Italy we did not sit idle, watching the Green games others: Legambiente is Consortium Oils, have created an online competition dedicated to children, to address issues ranging from separate waste collection to energy saving in a fun and educational way. Is called Green League, one click and you participate by accumulating points to become champion of Green games and, above all, a conscious and correct citizen.

Green games on PC

Without any remorse for our backyard games, which are current and not to be eliminated, we take a look at what the world offers today, such as Green games on PC.

Echo, created by Strange Loop Games, for example, even if on screen, stimulates team spirit and calls us to collaborate and, as a team, build a sustainable community. Everyone has a first land to manage and if he proves to know how to do it, his development model can also be extended to other parts of the world. Maybe this condition also existed outside 2.0.

One of the Green games for children more fun then Carbon Runner (Pew Pew Studios). In this case you even become a ninja, but green because dressed in green, and you face the monster Oil, with objects that we can collect during its march, devices that use hydroelectric energy, for example, to get closer to issues related to sustainability also present with surprise quizzes, between one shot and another, while we win the oil.

Green games on Smartphone

Also on Smartphone there is no shortage of nice and smart ideas of Green games noteworthy and very effective, to do while traveling, while getting bored, instead of wandering on social networks or in unquoted “junk apps”.

Here Gro Recycling, for example: parents can show it to their children and instead of letting go of their mobile phone, play with them - and learn with them - how to recycling.I don't know who is most in need of information, of course, this green simulation game in which every waste is fed to the right container, is good for everyone, and for the environment.

Toca Nature, instead, it is one of those Green games on Smartphone for older children because it invites us to build virtual worlds, addressing concepts such as that of habitat and ecosystem. Nothing boring, however, because in fact we have to invent an environment, from scratch, and then populate it in the best possible way.

Skill games

Before there are "ball eyes" for too many green games to the screen, let's get ourselves a great natural and no doubt balanced pastime, albeit tests patience. With a little training, however, if we don't give up, we can become real experts and we will hear about them benefits also on mood. I'm talking about the classic bamboo wood maze in which "the ball" wanders guided by our gestures: right now you can buy it on Amazon for only 8.98 Euros. Let's drive it to its destination, with steady hand and green thumb.

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