Black garlic, all the information

Black garlic, all the information

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Fermented black garlic: properties and benefits. All information on the uses ofblack garlic.

Black garlic, what is it

L'black garlicit is not a variety that is grown. In nature there are different varieties of garlic, the most common is the white one but green or pink garlic can also be grown. L'black garlicInstead, it is not a particular variety, it is white garlic left to ferment.

L'black garlicit is a very popular food in Korea and Japan. In particular, in northern Japan, black garlic is a traditional food that is associated with severalbeneficial properties. Its consumption is recommended above all for the elderly or as a tonic in case of physical fatigue, excellent for sportsmen and scholars close to an exam.

Fermented black garlic, how to prepare it

As stated, this is not a particular variety of garlic but the classic white garlic left to ferment in particular conditions. If you are wondering how to prepare black garlic at home, know that the process is very difficult and cumbersome: not the slightest mistake is allowed.

To make black garlic, the white garlic must be fermented in controlled conditions of humidity and temperature, otherwise the garlic will tend to rot without retaining anyproperty. In Japan, once fermented black garlic is prepared, it is preserved in sea water.

Black garlic, where to buy it

Black garlic can be purchased from retailers specializing in natural products, from more avant-garde local farmers or by taking advantage of online sales. On the web there are not a few ecommerce that offer fermented black garlic, first of all Amazon.

On Amazon, a 50-gram jar of already peeled black garlic is offered at a price of about 13 euros while those aiming forfermented garlicintact (in jargon, garlic heads) will have to target the Spanish company “La Hita” which offers 100% natural black garlic sold in packs of 3, 6 or 9 heads respectively at the price of 29.90 euros, 37.90 euros and 44.90 euros. With the pack of three, each head of black garlic would make 10 euros each. while by purchasing 9 the price would drop to less than 5 euros per head of garlic. For more information, please refer to the useful links.

  • Whole black garlic La Hita

Both the products reported are natural and produced with the fermentation technique used in the Korean and Japanese tradition.

Black garlic, properties

The taste offermented black garlicis completely different from that ofgarlicnot fermented. The fermentation process transforms the classic pungent flavor of garlic into a sweetish taste that vaguely recalls that of prunes or licorice. Those who cannot eat raw garlic can start consuming it by using it fermented. Not only does the flavor change, but also the texture is different: theblack garlicit's tender.

Thanks to its nutritional properties, it is considered a powerful antioxidant. It is used as a useful support to combat tiredness and fatigue. According to experts, a single clove of black garlic brings the same benefits as four times the amount of white garlic. Thanks to its nutritional properties, black garlic can also be found on the market in the form of supplements.

L'fermented garlic would be able to prevent diseases affecting the cardio-vascular system. This mechanism would be induced by a substance called S-allicysteine ​​which goes to counteract the accumulation of fatty acids in the body and strengthen the immune system.

Black garlic, recipes for using it

In Korea and Japan, theblack garlicit is used in recipes to prepare sauce or accompany fish. In our country, fermented garlic is used to enhance the flavor of cheeses, fish and vegetables.

Among the recipes of black garlic-based condiments we point out an amalgam prepared from butter and honey. Butter, honey and crushed black garlic can be spread on croutons or bread bruschetta. To prepare a black garlic dressing, you can make a vinegrette with balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil and a couple of well-chopped fermented garlic cloves.

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