Refurbished phones: where to buy them safely

Refurbished phones: where to buy them safely

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Refurbished cell phones an excellent opportunity to reduce the planet's waste and our personal iDevice expenditure such as smartphone, ipad and so on. And without giving up efficiency and quality, aesthetics and comfort. Of course, it is necessary to be able to trust and entrust to those who deal with it respecting quality standards and in full respect of the environment. There are those who do it, it is an Italian reality that we will get to know.

Refurbished phones: what they are

THErefurbished cell phones, also called regenerated, are phones already used but like new. Not so much because it remained in a drawer but because a company buys it and submits it to a suitprocess of working and control that makes it resurrect. And we have a mobile phone like new in hand. Many, if not all, will wonder: "But is it to be trusted?".

It is absolutely advisable to ask yourself this question and above all to inquire and contact companies that deal with refurbished mobile phones in a serious and professional way. LikeTrenDevice that operates correctly and sustainably, you can agree with me.

First of all iphones to be as good as new TrenDevice buys them from individuals and companies, even if damaged and then subjected to "regeneration", a process that concerns both aesthetics andfunctionalityto hardware software. Obviously, there is also a sanitation operation.

In general irefurbished are checked, repaired and put back on sale on, their operation is guaranteed, while as regards the aesthetic aspect (any slight scratches or small chips) the user can orient himself on the site thanks to Grade: A ++ (like new ), A + (excellent), A (good).

Accessories too they are often involved in regeneration, this means that if the battery has passed a certain number of cycles, it is replaced with a new one. The power supply is replaced if worn, while the cables are always replaced with new ones.

And - here we come to the most difficult phase at least in the eyes of the less experienced - the refurbished mobile phones then undergo a thorough check associated with thereset / reset of all the main functions such as switching on / off, use of the touch screen, audio levels and ringtones.

Refurbished phones: why they are green

The idea of ​​not throwing away an object that can be reused, even if it is a dress for children that passes between cousins ​​or a lawnmower to change that we give to the neighbor looking for a low cost one, is very green. and highly appreciated. In the case ofRefurbished cell phones, this logic of reuse is particularly virtuous for different reasons.

First, forthe impact it canor have their widespread diffusion on the reduction of avoidable waste: how many people change smartphones to get the new model, even if the one they are holding is not at all to be thrown away? Well, then let them not throw it away but make it become a "regenerate" phone. Others can buy it saving money,the planet will haveto one less waste to dispose of.

A few examples to show that I am not telling a utopia or even a niche practice. Indeed, it is an excellent savings opportunity that must be kept in mind for ourselves and for our acquaintances to whom we want to give a green andeconomically convenient.

If the convenience in euros is easily imaginable, that inemissions, to be estimated and concretely imagined is more for experts. But nobody is asking us to take our word for itRefurbished cell phones. Here are the facts, the numbers, which tell how some products contribute tosafeguard the environment, saving CO2 and additional construction materials.

WithTrenDevice if we buy a iPhone 6s we save 80 kg of CO2, equal to 20 days of 42 ″ TV left on. If it were aiPhone 5, the kg of CO2 avoided are 75 kg, to get an idea, it would be like avoiding a 3-hour car trip.

I could go on for many other iDevices, I'll just mention one more, moving on to aiPad: the iPad Air saves us 210 kg of CO2, so buy a regenerated one with TrenDevice means avoiding leaving a 13 watt light bulb on for 670 days: not a bad gesture, and without detracting from the pleasant feeling of having and using aipad fully functional and beautiful.

Refurbished iPhones and iPads: where to buy them without taking risks

Let's see better how it works TrenDevice, a company that I have mentioned as an excellent example of those that deal with Refurbished iPhone and iPad. Great because it is reliable, but also regenerates all iDevice which it receives in full compliance with environmental and energy standards so that the fact of proposing used and reborn iPhones and iPads is a gesture that really saves energy and materials that would otherwise be used in the manufacturing process of a new iDevice.

Leader in Italy inrecommerce (reverse commerce), TrenDevice was born in 2014 on the initiative of two young people:Antonio Capaldo born in 1977, with 4 generations active in the trade behind him, eAlessandro Palmisano, class 84, a first generation entrepreneur, expert in digital marketing and business. A reality with offices too in Milan and in the USA and above all with all the papers in order, and the numbers, to becredible and convincing.

The two creators ofTrenDevice have also been reviewed by Sole24Ore and remain one of the very first companies active in Italy in the sector ofreCommerce. Others, as always happens, have joined the queue, letting themselves be inspired by the beautiful idea, butTrenDevice it remains today the only Italian company in the specialized sectorin the take-back and refurbishment of used Apple products.

Not satisfied with this record, if from the first day of launch in Italy you could already take advantage of a 12-month warranty, since last June, the period was doubled they are so sure of the reliability of the processes to which they subject therefurbished cell phones.

Refurbished mobile phones: with TrenDevice 2-year guarantee

Exactly, yet another element that leads us to trustTrenDevice it is precisely this doubling operation in which it emerges how he takes care of each one individually iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch which refurbishes, always subjecting it to over 30 rigorous tests and placing it in the hands of selected technicians among the most specialized who deal with both the check-up and thereconditioning.

Among the fateful tests to which iRefurbished cell phones are subjected to, for example, the replacement of the battery with a new one guaranteed, and we can put a hand on the fire on the fact that onlyfully functional idevice they are then proposed asRegenerated. Guaranteed for 2 years, with free 14-day return and the option to pay on delivery at no additional cost.

Entering more and more into the merits of howTrenDevice deserves the position of leader in the sector, this is how it meets everybody interested in refurbished cell phones. First, it ranks them inLike New, Great is Good where the former are sometimes even never opened with the Apple warranty still to be activated and the vouchers may, if anything, have some aesthetic flaws, to be covered with a beautiful cover, indulging in the most creative colors and shapes.

For the more perplexed, or the less experienced, there is also theactive service of live chat with experts fromTrenDevice who can assist, advise, reassure. All that remains is to visit the official website of TrenDevice, to get to know these specialists better Apple iDevice refurbishment and, if desired, become the owner of refurbished mobile phones by purchasing them conveniently online.

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