Cleaning and maintenance of appliances

Cleaning and maintenance of appliances

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Cleaning and maintenance of appliances: how to clean and maintain household appliances to prevent breakdowns and heat losses.

Doubts about the lease: who has to take care of the maintenance of household appliances in case of renting a furnished apartment; here's what the law says.

The housework never ends and thereappliance maintenanceit is one of the most neglected tasks by housewives and house men. Yet all appliances require attention and care, from the air conditioner to the boiler, from the oven to the washing machine. In this article we will see how to deal with thecleaning and maintenanceof the most common household appliances.

Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners

THEair conditionersthey require refills, filter cleaning, cleaning the external unit and many small cares that make the difference between an efficient appliance and an energy-intensive device, which consumes more electricity than it should.

The correct maintenance of air conditioners it will give you clean air in your home and lighter bills. For all the precautions to be implemented, please read the dedicated page:Maintenance of air conditioners. Do not worry, to clean theair conditionersyou will not have to use specific agents, you just need alcohol, an excellent disinfectant!

Refrigerator cleaning and maintenance

The kitchen is a very delicate environment: it is here that we manage the food intended for our palate! If the refrigerator is not equipped with the technologyNo Frost, you will have to defrost it manually.

When to defrost the refrigerator? The refrigerator must be defrosted when the ice layer has not yet reached one cm of thickness. The refrigerator does not just need to be defrosted, the maintenance work to be done includes cleaning the condenser. The condenser is the coil located on the back of the fridge.

The condenser should be cleaned annually while cleaning the inside of the fridge depends on your daily habits and how good you are at keeping the fridge clean in the long term. The fridge must be cleaned with natural and totally non-toxic products. For more information on cleaning the fridge:how to clean the refrigerator.Please note: if the fridge gasket is damaged, it must be replaced!

Kitchen hood maintenance

Among the works ofappliance maintenancethe cleaning of the head and the replacement of the filters squarely To understand if the hood is still working efficiently, activate it at maximum power and approach a sheet of paper, if the sheet is vacuumed, the hood is still very reliable. If the hood is not working efficiently, just replace the filters.

The filters must be replaced every two or three months (in consideration of the use you make of the kitchen); the filters have the task of absorbing and retaining cooking vapors and vaporized fats.

Depending on the model of the hood, you will have to buy metal filters or charcoal filters. Metal filters minimize the risk of fire.

Cleaning and maintenance of the boiler

Thereboilerrequires a periodic and controlled maintenance plan. In the ideal theboiler maintenanceshould be entrusted to an expert in the field, however there are small jobs that can be done with the DIY. For all the instructions, please read the dedicated page:Do-it-yourself boiler maintenance.

Appliance maintenance in the case of a rented apartment

For those who pay a rent for a furnished apartment complete with appliances, who has to take care of the extraordinary maintenance or replacement in the event of a faulty appliance?

Pursuant to art. 1576 of the Civil Code, the lessor must carry out, during the lease, all necessary repairs and replacements, except for those of minor maintenance which are the responsibility of the tenant.

So those who have rented a house and pay a monthly fee will only have to take care of routine maintenance. The costs of repairing or replacing the appliances that make up the furnishings of the rented property are charged to the landlord.

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