Continental Dwarf Epagneul Papillon

Continental Dwarf Epagneul Papillon

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Continental Dwarf Epagneul Papillon, from France and Belgium, this dog with dual citizenship is perfect for keeping company and certainly does not ask us for a passport to give us his affection and dedication. Her dimensions are small, it is therefore an apartment animal that does well even in small sizes, as long as you can bear its long hair that leaves traces here and there in the changing season. He goes around the house, or the garden, with one brisk but graceful gait, with the trunk slightly longer than high and straight, solid limbs that give it a proud appearance.

Continental Dwarf Epagneul Papillon: appearance

The fur of this little dog it is certainly one of the most evident and appreciated physical characteristics, it is quite shiny, wavy and resistant to the touch, devoid of undercoat and with silky reflections. To the touch it is fine and can resemble that of small "English Spaniels", the standard length is about 7.5 cm on the withers and on the body while on the tail it can measure up to 15 cm. The colors of Epagneul Nano Continental Papillon allowed are many, practically all of them, and are accompanied by pigmented lips, eyelids and truffles.

Being small in size, this dog measures at the withers maximum 28 cm, there are two weight categories: the "featherweight" do not exceed 2.5 kg, the other heavier ones - so to speak - can weigh up to 5 kg, no doubt they must never weigh less than one and a half kg.

The feet of ours bow tie they are almost hare-like, with strong and preferably black nails, the tail is quite long, especially considering the general size of this dog, and for arrived enriched from a soft fringe and a nice plume.

Moving on to the head, it is proportionate to the body, has a tapered snout and ends with a Black, small, rounded and slightly flattened nose. The ears are large and flap well over head of the Continental Dwarf Epagneul Papillon making it even more likeable. The eyes are rather large, very enlarged almond-shaped, do not protrude and have one lively expression.

Continental Dwarf Epagneul Papillon: alert temperament

Incredibly sensitive and constantly affectionate, this little dog is a companion for life and whoever is its owner will be spoiled and filled with attention 24 hours a day. family is calm, patient and sweet but also a little jealous if a stranger arrives and talks to someone he believes is his "property". He does not immediately feel confident and prefers to have time to study at a distance new entry in the house. Despite its small size, it is resistant and often wants to run, playing and being outdoors.

Continental Dwarf Epagneul Papillon: breeding

in Italy recognized by ENCI there are at least a dozen farms for Continental Dwarf Epagneul Bow tie, in Veneto and Liguria there are a couple, the others are scattered in the countryside, in Piedmont, in Emilia Romagna, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Sardinia and in Tuscany.

The first to breed this breed were the French and the Belgians, its origins, however, are very ancient and in his early career he frequented the courts of the noble palaces. There are those who assume that these Papillon descend from the "Spaniels" coming from the Far East, but this thesis is not proven and the Spaniards, for example, believe that this dog has Iberian roots. The first standard was made official in 1937 and has dual nationality, both Belgian and French.

Epagneul Nano Continentale Papillon: price

The price of this breed is approaching 800 euros, being fine and small, very suitable for staying at home and keeping company. But better turn to farms certified by ENCI to get accurate information. The most recurrent defects you will hear about are the flat skull, the small or too round or protruding eye, the defective hind limbs, the tail rolled up or resting on the back, poor coat or poorly worn ears.

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