Garden climbing plants

Garden climbing plants

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Garden climbing plants: flowering, evergreen, with yellow or red leaves. Here are the most beautiful climbing plants to grow in your garden.

Garden vines

Theclimbing plantsthey are able to withstand thermal excursions, winter cold as well as summer heat. Among the climbing plants to grow in the garden we recommend clematis, honeysuckle (climbing plant with white flowers) wisteria (a fragrant climbing plant with lilac flowers) and a selection of resistant and easy to grow plants.

Climbing plant red leaves:
American vine

The American vine is a classicclimbing plantwith single trefoil leaves reminiscent of those of the grape vine. Thisgarden climbing plantit features leaves of different colors: between spring and summer the leaves are bright green while from summer to autumn the leaves turn from yellow to red. In summer, the American vine produces tiny yellow flowers that thrive in clusters.

Be careful in thecultivationof the American vine: when this plant grows on the walls of a house, its branches can stick to the point that it cannot be removed without damaging the surface of the wall. A red-leaved variety is widespread.

Evergreen climbing plants:

Ivy needs little introduction. It belongs to the Araliaceae family, grows vigorously and is very resistant. It is perfect for those seekingevergreen climbing plants. L'Hedera Helis, the botanical name of the common ivy, is very widespread: its leaves are very ornamental, have a long stalk and can be of different sizes according to the variety. The colors of ivy leaves range from dark green to very light green, they have a three-lobed or five-lobed shape.

There are also green and white colored leaves: theHedera colchica Variegatait has huge leaves with an intense green color and creamy white borders.

Evergreen climbing plant that blooms:

Passionflower is renowned for its beneficial properties and for the ornamental appearance of its flowers (for more information, read the article dedicated to Passiflora caerulea). If you are looking for oneevergreen climbing plantisflowery, passionflower may be for you. It can reach a height of 7 meters, has large palmate leaves and during the hottest period of the year it produces large white, lilac, blue or pink flowers, depending on the variety chosen.

Evergreen climbing plant:
Canadian vine

The Canadian vine should not be confused with the American one, in fact the leaves, even if they can have identical shades, have completely different shapes. The Canadian vine or virgin vine, botanically known asParthenocissus quinquefolia, sees leaves gathered in groups of five on the same petiole. It is among theevergreen climbing plantsmore elegant, with leaves that are dark green in the center and fade to yellow at the edges. In autumn, like the American vine, it sees the leaves that turn color and become reddish.

Climbing plant with white flowers:
jasmine and false jasmine

Jasmine is oneclimbing plantmuch cultivated for its small fragrant flowers. There are about 300 varieties of jasmine with different characteristics: white, yellow, pink flowers, very fragrant, unscented flowers and suitable for different climates.

TheJasminebotanicallyJasminum, differs from false jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides) for different characteristics. To distinguish a jasmine from a false jasmine look at the leaves: the jasmine Jasminum has lighter and less glossy leaves than the false jasmine which has slightly waxed leaves. In addition, the flowers are also different even if both have 5 petals, those of the false jasmine are more elongated.

Fundamental difference is that the two plants belong to different families: the true jasmine belongs to the botanical family of Oleaceae while the trachelospermum Jasminoides (false jasmine) belongs to the Apocynaceae family. If you are looking forflowering climbing plants, both jasmine and false jasmine may be for you.

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