Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog

Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog

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Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog, also known as Sarplaninac, its real name being an animal native to Serbia. It belongs to the group of Swiss Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molossoid and Bovari type dogs, has a large size and a robust and well-proportioned physique. What stands out, however, is his hair long, dense and not always tidy which gives it a very rustic and at the same time more compact air.

Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog: characteristics

A Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog male has a height at the withers that can reach and exceed 60 cm, females of the same breed are not much shorter, the weight varies from 35 to 45 kg. Beyond the sex, the body is robust, with a broad and solid trunk, a strong neck and a straight and not too long back. The hips are also quite short and the limbs must be upright, proportionate, with oval-shaped feet that give way to an elastic and decisive gait.

The head of the Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog it has a slightly convex shape, shows little pronounced superciliary arches as well as the stop, while the nose is wide and always black. The drooping ears have a “V” shape and fall back against the cheeks, the eyes are almond-shaped and brown in color, both dark and light, they are not sunken and have a calm expression.

As for the coat of the Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog, all shades are allowed, except white, up to dark brown almost black even if the most sought are iron gray or dark gray. Stains are not tolerated neither is a length less than 7 cm, for the rest the hair is shorter on the head, ears and front parts of the limbs while longer and thicker on the rest of the body, where there is also the short and finer undercoat .

Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog: character

Intelligent and obedient enough, this dog has a character very suitable for defending both the land, the flocks, and the people. He is a calm four-legged and very devoted to his master, incorruptible and awake even if not too lively.

Accustomed to a somewhat hostile environment and a climate that is often difficult to endure, the Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog he proves resistant to hardships, tireless in carrying out the work he has been entrusted with and very protective both with the master and with the sheep.

With strangers he is not aggressive a priori but does not immediately make friends, remains suspicious and needs his time to give confidence and enter into confidence: it is reserved and loyal. When he decides that he likes us, he becomes affectionate.

Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog: breeding

Today ENCI does not report any reference to farms that deal with Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog, you can find some online like that of Woods of Cesate to which you can think to contact if interested. The first breeding of this breed began many years ago, the selection to obtain it “Yugoslavenski Ovcarski pas Sarplaninac it began in the mountainous areas on the border with Albania.

This sheepdog is said to be the fruit of crosses between Tibetan dogs and native dogs. The first official recognition for the Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog came from the F.C.I. In 1939, with the name of "Iliriski Ovcar" ("Shepherd Dog from Illyria"), Later modified to the current one in 1957.

Ciarplanina Shepherd Dog: price

For know the price of a puppy it is better to go directly to the farms that deal with it, it is not serious to shoot figures on a dog so rare in our country and also difficult to find. More concretely we can know the most recurrent defects indicated by the ENCI standard, for example the lack of premolars, white spots, the feet of hare and the aforementioned length of the hair less than 7 cm.

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