Environmental education at school: successful projects

Environmental education at school: successful projects

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Environmental education at school: it will be the right time with the "Good School". According to what has been declared, and from how many institutions are moving, it seems that the education ecosystem has learned its lesson and finally environmental issues will "sit" among the desks, more and better, to support the kids without boring them, indeed, projecting them into nature even if physically they are in a city classroom.

With "The Good School", The government promised a leading role in environmental education in the mission of the Italian school, aware that if in 20 years we want to be able to talk about a better country, it is the primary and secondary classes that we must enter. Now, with one real and effective Environmental education that is strong and innovative, capable of arousing interest.

When the school year has just begun, or almost, let's go and find out what's in the backpack of our young people for them to grow up attentive to the environment, so that come naturally to them, I would dare to say natural, respect it and respect animals, plants, water, land.

There recycling thus it becomes a game in which even younger siblings and their parents are involved, riding the bike takes on a double value: fun and also "green", two reasons to convince mum to let us ride. From the daily commitment, theEnvironmental education all-round that schools can and must offer, must also address universal issues such as protection of the territory and waters, climate change, biodiversity.

No intention of raising a generation of little scientists, everyone will be free to become one, theEnvironmental education serves to train citizens of the present and the future who - whatever their profession - have the environment at heart where they live.

Even from kindergarten, with suitable methods, enriched by the fantasies of many teachers and educators, you can begin to show how not to waste food, how to recycle materials and how not to pollute the city. In order not to let theEnvironmental education is virtuous or not depending on the structure in which you are enrolled or to the teacher who happens, to the alternate more or less green, or to the enlightened manager, the Ministry of the Environment he gives us a broad project that aims to train "environmental natives" within a school cycle. It is possible to consult it and supload the Guidelines on environmental education at this link.

Environmental education: Remmondo's projects

An exciting "strategic plan" onEnvironmental education is the one created in unsuspected times by Catia and Daniela, environmental engineers and environmental citizens, aware of the importance of transmitting scientific knowledge already to kindergarten children and at the same time do not leave teachers alone who would like to do Environmental education but they have no time or means to invent it all over.

Since 2008 with Remmondo L'Environmental education it is not an empty word, but a space in which to choose to talk about the environment with new, multimedia and multidisciplinary teaching methods, with experiments and laboratories, adaptable to various ages and which also captures families and entire communities that gravitate around schools.

With Remmondo do Environmental education does not mean taking the chair and dictating the rules to be respected, but living real experiences, involving families, participating in multimedia courses, learn the technical aspects also through experiments, games, tests, stories.

Like our website we are thrilled to support projects of Environmental education like those started by Catia and Daniela, who collaborate with schools and ready structures and bet on a new generation attentive and devoted to the green.

Projects are often aexperience in time and space that goes to fish its past resources and to reveal those that in the future will be the most "in vogue". A few "technical" lessons are needed, but it is to lay the foundations and then dedicate oneself to films, photos and comics, artistic workshops to create pop up book on Energy, experiments with which to make people understand how theEnvironmental education is a question that touches us closely. Even minors must be aware of their small-big responsibilities.

Environmental education primary schools

In primary school do Environmental education above all, it means making children fall in love with the environment and not requiring them to pay attention to us as if it were something imposed by law. The law of nature is the only one that they must gently perceive, through games and workshops that see them as protagonists.

Otherwise "how boring!" and if respecting the environment is perceived as "boring" at a young age, it is difficult for a green generation to grow up. The most popular themes are the protection of water and the sea, the protection of biodiversity, between flora and fauna, and sustainable and delicious food.

Environmental education secondary schools

With a good foundation of Environmental education in primary and secondary schools, you can aim high and tackle the same issues more in depth, but also project yourself on issues that will make us think about the entire universe. Always keeping your feet on the ground, essential for those who do Environmental education. In fact, it is time to understand how virtuous waste management is done, what ecosystem services are and what "big guys" mean when they talk about green economy, green jobs is green talents.

Particular attention must be paid to the city: if theEnvironmental education it is effective, the one inhabited by careful pupils will be a sustainable city because they will know everything about pollution, soil consumption and waste.

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