Environmental disasters caused by oil

Environmental disasters caused by oil

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Environmental disasters caused by oil, some we have in mind, others less, perhaps they go back to years when we didn't even exist, and yet we are still paying the consequences, as citizens of the world, of a planet Earth that continues to suffer from these environmental disasters caused by oil.

Between wars and earthquakes, it may happen that you forget this other category of misfortune for a few months, but the explosion and sinking of the oil platform Deepwater Horizon, which took place in Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, he drew attention to Environmental disasters caused by oil. Even more than news titles, a movie is doing it.

Environmental disasters caused by oil: the 5 worst in history

Before we leave with this "Top five" better to specify that it must not be interpreted in a rigorous way. Not for my laziness, but for the fact that even if you want to be picky it would not be possible to quantify with absolute certainty the quantities of crude oil dispersed into the environment and the consequences "paid for" by the ecosystem.

The Deepwater disaster, for example, has yet to be evaluated, being so recent, in the meantime we can see it again in the film Deepwater Horizon, by Peter Berg, based on the explosion of the oil platform which took place in April 2010.

Among the most serious, also because double, among the Environmental disasters caused by oil there is also the one that took place on 21 January in Gulf War, causing a very serious oil spill in the Persian Gulf. Disaster wanted by the Iraqi army which had purposely opened the valves of the oil pipelines in Kuwait to hinder the landing of the Americans.

While a quantity of oil between 1,360,000 and 1,500,000 tons is dispersed towards the coasts of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iran, here is a second disaster. I am referring to the fire of 732 oil wells: the Iraqi army caused it to put the adversaries in difficulty once again.

They look at the long list of Environmental disasters caused by oil I would remember that of a tanker that collided with the Nowruz oil platform in the Persian Gulf on 10 February 1983 during the war between Iran and Iraq. The loss of crude oil that lasted months and months is estimated to be around 300,000 tons.

Another tanker is the protagonist of another of the most memorable Environmental disasters caused by oil, occurred in May 1991 when a violent explosion occurred on board, off the coast of Angola. There were deaths in the crew, a major fire and about 260,000 tons of oil dispersed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Before Deepwater, however, the greatest disaster seems to have been that of tanker ship Exxon Valdez stranded in March 1989 in the Prince William Strait, Alaska, dispersing approximately 38,000 tons of crude oil into the sea. The tons seem less but the numbers to observe are also others: i 250,000 dead seabirds, 2,000 otters, 300 seals and 22 lost orcas, in addition to the millions of missing fish.

Environmental disasters caused by oil tankers

Often and willingly in the Environmental disasters caused by oil there is an oil tanker involved, let's see three emblematic cases. The first takes us to the Gulf of Mexico, in the Bay of Campeche: we are in June 1979 and the Mexican Ixtoc I makes a mistake in the maneuvers, catches fire and disperses oil in the sea for 9 months. The approximate budget is about 480,000 tons.

Let's go back a few years, up to 1983, and go to South Africa: on August 6 the Spanish tanker Castillo de Beliver it caught fire and then exploded, before sinking and pouring about 227 thousand tons of crude oil into the water. Even further back in the years, on July 19, 1979, we find a Greek tanker Atlantic Empress that during a tropical storm off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago collided with the "colleague" Aegean Captain and together they lost 287,000 tons of oil.

Environmental disasters caused by oil in Italy

Among the various Environmental disasters caused by oil in Italy, I would mention what happened in 1991 a Genoa. In April a Cypriot tanker called "M / C Haven" sank right in the Ligurian Gulf, causing the death of some crew members and the spillage of about 144,000 tons of crude oil. It is assumed that the cause was an accidental explosion.

Recent environmental disasters

It is quite recent among all Environmental disasters caused by oil that we have listed, and above all little has been said about it even if it has had and will have a considerable impact. I refer to the accident that in March 1992 caused the dispersion of about 285,000 tons of crude oil in the Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan. This disaster has affected a predominantly agricultural area as well as rich in oil and gas, for which it has paid a lot for the consequences and will pay for them for a long time.

Environmental damage caused by oil

We talked about Environmental disasters caused by oil, often called in short oil disasters, imagining the terrible consequences but without going into the merits. Sometimes the numbers make an impression and allow comparisons, but they do not make us imagine in practice what happens when it happens.

When oil leaks from tankers we talk about spills, and about very serious damage to the terrestrial environment, certainly compromising. I say this not for the love of the tragic but because crude oil, having a lower specific weight than water, is able to form a oxygen-impermeable film on the surface of seas and oceans that "suffocates" all forms of life. It's not over: when the crude oil falls to the bottom, it has a terrible effect on the organisms that are there: it takes years to remedy thiswhen possible.

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