Sound insulation, do-it-yourself solutions and methods

Sound insulation, do-it-yourself solutions and methods

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Soundproofing: how to protect yourself from noise pollution at home. Interventions to improve the insulation of the rooms, from do-it-yourself tax bonuses.

The windows or fixtures a insulators not only are they able to improve thermal dispersion but also to fight the noise that wears us out every day making our days difficult. If your windows have single glazing in your home, know that they will never be able to screen out noises and are very far from the concept of soundproofing. A single-glazed window will disperse most of the heat you have in the home, straining the winter heating and summer cooling systems. There are many windows and fixtures on the market, available in various versions and adaptable to all needs, designed to ensure maximumsoundproofing, associating structures with insulating material to laminated glass. But let's see in detail what are the solutions for a good one soundproofing.

Soundproofing, double glazing

In a house, the weakest element can be represented by the glass. Therefore the first thing to do is to replace simple glass with double glazing. The acoustic seal does not depend only on the glass. It is also necessary to make sure that the window is well fixed to the wall, the parts that compose it are non-deformable and ensure perfect contact between the fixed and mobile elements.

Soundproofing, the fixtures

In order to enjoy a soundproofing more effective, it is necessary to completely replace the fixtures with new models studied ad hoc and certified to solve the problems of soundproofing and thermal. This is the case of thermal break windows, they are made to reduce the vibrations of the glass to a minimum: they are the latest generation models composed of polyamide reinforced with glass fiber, capable of resolving noise as well as thermal dispersion.

Soundproofing do it yourself of doors and windows

As an alternative to the aforementioned systems which in any case involve a certain cost, you can resort to DIY. For do-it-yourself interventions on doors and windows, just buy transparent silicone and spread it on all sides of the window with the special fine tip dispenser; the silicone must be applied where the wood (or other window material) is in contact with the wall.

Do-it-yourself sound insulation of a room

With thedo-it-yourselfit is possible to mountsound absorbing panelsalong the perimeter of the entire room fromacoustically insulate. All the instructions for assembling the sound absorbing panels are available on the pagehow to soundproof a wall.The soundproof walls can be covered with plasterboard, vinyl material, carpet or finishes of your choice.

Sound insulation in the house

Thenoiseit tends to spread very easily, especially through material-free partitionssound absorbingor through the facade of the house. Like thethermal bridges causing energy losses, iacoustic bridgesthey are critical points in walls through which noise spreads more easily

Acoustic bridges in a house are represented by windows, doors and roller shutter boxes. Other sources of domestic noise pollution are those connected to electrical equipment in operation: lift, air conditioner, ventilation system ... A house that is well insulated from a thermal point of view is largely insulated also from an acoustic point of view: thermal insulators offer a good degree of sound absorption.

If you are consideringacoustically insulateyour home, know that you can take advantage of insulating panels (sound-absorbing and heat-insulating) and access the tax deductions provided for by the eco-bonus. The eco-bonus * provides a tax relief of up to 65% of the entire expenditure incurred to improve the thermal performance of the building.

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Best acoustic insulation and sound absorbing panels

There is no shortage on the marketacoustic insulatorsmade by combining different high performance sound absorbing materials. The most complete panels combine different sound-absorbing materials such as natural fibers and rubber or natural fibers and lead. Lead and rubber are the best acoustic insulators.

Lead and rubber can be associated with synthetic thermal insulators such as polyurethane and polystyrene. The result is asandwichor godsmatsmulti-layered that have a high soundproofing power at reduced thicknesses associated with an excellent barrier against thermal dispersion; in short, with these multi-material panels, acoustic and thermal insulation go hand in hand.

Acoustic certification and sound insulation classes

If theenergy certification of buildingsis mandatory, theacoustic certificationit is optional and also little known. Thereacoustic classificationof the real estate units is provided for byUni 11367and it is not yet mandatory. The four acoustic insulation classes can be assigned with completely optional preliminary tests. Only some municipalities have imposed acoustic testing as a condition for granting accessibility.

Thereacoustic certificationof a building is released following tests carried out in each room. From the results obtained an average value and an index are obtained that will allow the assignment of asound insulation class. There are four classes provided: the first indicates a quieter house and the fourth indicates a very noisy house.

Acoustic insulation in construction

L'soundproofingin construction is governed by aframework lawand fromtechnical regulations and decreeswhich provide guidelines for optimal design. In practice, by law, everyhomeshould guaranteeminimum sound insulation standards.

In Italy, thelegislationgoverning noise pollution is the framework law on acoustics no. 447/95 which determines the fundamental principles for protecting the internal environment.

The law also provides for measurements by a competent technician to verify that the house was built following the limits imposed by law. The framework law, of national significance, establishes that it is the duty of the Municipalities to enforce the regulations and adopt regulations for the implementation of the discipline.

The legislation applies to both new buildings and buildingsrenovation. L'sound insulation of a houseit also has a strong impact on the economic value of the property: the higher the acoustic comfort, the greater the economic value of the house.

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