Rooibos: properties and benefits

Rooibos: properties and benefits

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Rooibos, means “red shrub”, in Afrikans, one of the official languages ​​of South Africa and this is in fact its land of origin. Today it is also called redbush or African red tea, it is in fact intended not as a plant but already in the form of an infusion.

Rooibos: plant

The leaves with which it is produced are those of the homonymous plant, belonging to the legume family, we can only find it in the Cederberg region, an area whose inhabitants first "ate the leaf" understanding the benefits and property of the Rooibos.

They didn't keep this wonderful plant for themselves, in fact the first imports into Europe began: if we can sip this today good tea we must thank a South African settler of Russian origin who decided to go big and allow everyone to enjoy the property del Rooibos producing it on a large scale. Even if the whole world knows and appreciates it, it remains there national drink of South Africa.

Rooibos: ownership

The first property that many will already know, del Rooibos, it is the absence of caffeine, which is why it is preferred to both black and green tea, all three are equivalent in terms of antioxidants. But that's just the beginning: it has a content of very low tannins and this in practice means that it remains sweet even if we forget to watch the infusion time and leave the leaves to soak for a while. Few tannins, therefore, but many vitamins, especially C, and then natural substances important for our body: magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and calcium.

Rooibos: benefits

The benefits are evident if you sip it continuously, rest assured that we have a cup in our hands long life elixir given the substances it contains against the formation of free radicals.

A few sips of African red tea also help immune system to react against infections and being caffeine-free, even the little ones or those who do not tolerate it, can enjoy its beneficial effects, which are by no means finished.

The Rooibos isalso recommended in case of nausea and stomach and intestinal disorders, it has an antispasmodic and digestive effect.

Organic Rooibos Tea

Pure or flavored, loose or in sachets, the organic tea from Rooibos it is exquisite and offers steaming wellbeing. We can also flavor it in a personalized way, adding a piece of cinnamon or, better still for my taste, small citrus peels. I prefer to alternate, then buy the pure one and decide according to the day, on Amazon four packs of forty sachets, at 26.60 euros, can accompany us for 160 days of well-being, almost an entire season.

Rooibos Chai

When you want to prepare tea Rooibos in the traditional way, it is necessary to have time to collect leaves and twigs to be chopped with wooden pestles and leave to ferment to obtain a sweet and red drink, excellent even without sugar. Nowadays it is difficult to have the time to do all this but it is not necessary to give up our daily dose of Amber red rooibos. A packet of sachets on Amazon costs 2.70 Euros and is ready in a few minutes.

Rooibos for weight loss

In addition to being perfect for those suffering from stones, being free of oxalic acid, our infusionit is recommended for those suffering from hypertension. However, many are attracted to it due to the fact that its calorie content is zero. More than making you lose weight, therefore - and beware of these deceptive slogans - rooibos, drunk cold or hot, certainly does not make us gain weight and has a relaxing effect. If consumed in the morning, it tones, if before going to sleep, reconcile sleep and those who sleep well do not get fat.

Rooibos for hair

If we're not the herbal tea type, we can use the Rooibos to strengthen the hair, as well as our nails, thanks to the abundant zinc, while calcium contributes to the formation of teeth. There is, for example this hair conditioner with nashi extracts and Rooibos, at € 24.80 on Amazon, to try, in a 360 ml package and organic ingredients.

Rooibos: contraindications

The grand finale: has no contraindications, everyone can drink this African tea, for its properties, for its taste, for its color. I have started drink it intrigued from the name and image of the package in which they offered it to me in a bar. There is no excuse for not giving this drink a chance!

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