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People change

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People change how everything that is nature changes. For good, for bad, but everything changes and it is better to try to understand how and when, but above all, given that the transformation into something that is not our current self, is inevitable, sometimes inexorable, it is better to try to keep the rudder of our boat in hand. Or at least influence as far as possible on what is our future course.

People change - that's what I learned

Even if it is trivial to understand and accept that plants, animals, people change, in fact, when we are faced with the evidence of a change, something inside us is opposed. How to throw a tantrum in front of a fact of which we have no fault or merit. However, there are other occasions in which "Long live the change" and luckily nothing is forever. By now the sentence that the protagonist of the film "The Crow" pronounces on a bad weather day is emblematic: "It can not rain forever".

Let's get back to us and how to make the most of that people always and in any case change. We included, even though we often don't take the time to listen and become fully aware of it. Don't we want to see? Who knows the concept of Resilience he knows what to do.

Don't oppose, don't get angry, don't be discouraged, rather, leveraging change to become better people. I am sure that each of us has a change in mind that initially destabilized us, only to turn out to be a huge source of joy.

People change with meditation

Precisely because the frenzy and the abundance of external stimuli today can prevent us from focusing on the fact that People change around us, including us, a little meditation is what we need. First of all, not to live with the slices of ham on your eyes and then fall from the pear tree and suddenly realize that people change.

After this step, the meditation can help us better manage a transformation. Whether for better or for worse, the concept of non-perennial is still to be digested in contact with our heart and not just with our mind.

People change over time

Who has never heard of meteoropathy? It is often mentioned when the rain puts us in a bad mood but people change with the climate even in a pathological way. The real meteoropath, in fact, and not so to speak, encounters periods of intense stress, of sudden change of mood and / or physical conditions when the state of the atmosphere undergoes significant changes.

People change over time and they show states of irritability, general nervousness, insomnia in the first place, then they pass to a phase of weakness, apathy, depression. All this happens in the presence of wind or thunderstorms, or with rain, humidity or just a cloudy sky.

Without looking out the window, or the forecast, People change even with the passing of time, it often happens that they develop more virtuous and environmentally friendly habits. This happens more often if they have good examples to follow. Like the green apes. Do you know them? Read my article, they are the "followers" of an excellent green initiative called GreenApes.

People change with a pet

A faithful and good company at home can help us to improve our character, to be well predisposed towards the world and to believe more in our person. It is proven that a dog, a cat, an animal to take care of are a great way to change positively. They are a source of infinite affection and at the same time they know without words, tell us how to improve.

However, if we want to try this strategy, it is essential to adopt the animal that's right for us: we do not take the cat and dog that we like in the picture, without asking ourselves what character and habits they have and if they cross ours. Otherwise this magic of pet therapy-style change won't work. I therefore suggest you browse through “All dog breeds: list and cards”.

People change: sentences

This theme is very popular with authors and poets, perhaps because no one feels the change but few know how to manage it. I chose the more positive and inspiring phrases, we badly need it.

The biggest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become.(Ben Herbster)
Change three habits a year and you will get phenomenal results.(Anonymous)
Logic will take you from A to B.The imagination will take you everywhere(Albert Einstein)
I know some boats that forget to leave ... they are afraid of the sea by dint of getting old.(Jacques Brel)
If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.(Anonymous)

People change when disappointed

Whether it is love, work or family, or friends, when a great disappointment overcomes us, it is not easy to remain impassive. This is one of those cases where People change negatively in 99% of cases: they lose faith in the world, in love and, even worse, in themselves. Returning to the previous paragraphs, we can try one of the recommended methods: time, meditation or other.

People can change

Although sometimes it's hard to believe, people can change. Sometimes a courageous act is necessary and it is not always possible to do it alone and even friends do not always manage to unhinge the pattern that does not allow us to accept change and make it a source of happiness.

The beginning can be difficult, who takes the responsibility to destroy before building? A book, not one by chance, but that of Keri Smith who, already in the title, appears revolutionary and disobedient: This is not a book.

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