Green plastic with Ecoplast

Green plastic with Ecoplast

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Green plastic with Ecoplast, a reality that has made eco-sustainability a real mission since its inception. Not only, therefore, its products are green and 100% made in Italy, but also everything that contributes to their realization.

It's been over 25 years that Ecoplast produces household items in plastic that are "responsible" for the environment and ours too. Let's not forget, in fact, that choosing products that come from realities that are attentive to nature and sustainability means doing good to ourselves and who will inhabit the planet in the coming decades.

Not only Ecoplast manufactures objects in a sustainable way - and we will see how - but already a priori designs them so that it is then as easy as a game to recover and recycle them without increasing the already disproportionate amount of garbage that invades our cities and our areas.

Ecoplast: products

So far we have talked about "Objects of the house" which means everything and nothing. Ecoplast does a lot and does it in full respect of the environment, creating objects that we can use every day, making a difference. A bin for the dustbin, for example, or the bucket and the mop that we use to clean the floors, can in turn clean the Earth if produced as Ecoplast does, complete with green certification both with reference to the production process and for the choice of materials that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Looking at what the objects proposed by the company are made of, there is a strong focus on respecting the goal of maintaining a continuous cycle of use and reuse in order to reduce the consumption of virgin raw materials in the process.

The quality, durability and performance of the objects in di Ecoplast are not at all compromised by this green choice, moreover we try to privilege suppliers who, in addition to being compatible with the company's way of doing things, are also local in order to minimize the production of carbon dioxide associated with the transportation of materials.

Ecoplast: green philosophy

It is now clear that there is from Ecoplast a 360-degree commitment on the sustainability side, deriving from the awareness of how much this way of doing can have a strong impact on both families and communities that use products deriving from green processes.

When you have the finished and finished object in your hand, ready for use, you may not imagine it but it is good to know that in the factories of Ecoplast there are photovoltaic solar panels able to meet energy needs because they produce about 490,000 kw / year, which means 245.00 TON CO2. Another interesting sustainable step consists in having wanted use machines with total electrical control of Japanese production to guarantee one high efficiency of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.

Ecopalst: history

Since its inception in 1991, Ecoplast has dealt with cans and plastic containers for industrial and agricultural use, producing high quality ones. Over the years, in addition to growing in size, it has also developed skills and technologies, this has meant that it could expand the range of items to offer.

In addition to the world of industry and agriculture, from which it started, it has also embraced others such as the domestic one, dedicating itself to pproduction of accessories, household items, garden and bathroom. Objects with which it reaches many of us today, also transmitting its environmental values,

All this while maintaining good value for money so as not to suggest that to respect the environment it is necessarily necessary to be filthy rich. This is thanks to the high level of technology of the mechanical part (blowing machines and injection molding machines of the new generation) which operates illuminated by a new efficient LED system, which ensures reduced consumption in terms of energy and low temperatures, and also the use of first choice certified polyethylene. This is what both food containers and household items are made of. For industrial containers, the polyethylene chosen is also resistant to chemicals.

Ecoplast at Ecomondo 2016

If we are the types who "until I touch with my hand I do not trust", the opportunity to know Ecoplast live is around the corner. TO Ecomondo 2016, the event to be held in Rimini from 8 to 11 November. The company will have its own stand to tell the story new line of ecological products represented by the Ecologic brand.

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