Alternatives to the dryer

Alternatives to the dryer

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Alternatives to the dryer: from the electric drying rack to the most effective strategies for drying laundry at home. Tips on how to dry laundry quickly without making the home too humid.

Washer dryer and dryerthey are extremely useful appliances: they help us dry the laundry without the need to hang it out. To dry the laundry without hanging it, however, there are other alternative solutions!

How to dry your laundry naturally

Washer-dryer and dryer are very demanding appliances from an energy point of view. On this page we will see which are thealternatives to the dryeranalyzing other devices that need electricity. If you want to dry the laundry at home, in a natural way, you can follow the advice seen in the article: dry the laundry at home.

Alternatives to the dryer

Fordry the laundrywhen it rains, there is not onlydryer! In autumn and winter we can organize ourselves with the drying rack at home. The drying rack should be placed near a window, in the least humid (driest) area of ​​the house. Laundry intended for drying at home should not be washed with aggressive detergents.

The electric drying rack or heated drying rack

Theelectric drying racktakes up little space, can be placed in a corner of the house and then folded and stored away. The electric drying rack represents the electrified evolution of the classic clothes hanger. There are different models, from the traditional one that unfolds horizontally, to space-saving models that develop vertically.

The electric drying rack is generally resealable and made of aluminum. It allows todrying laundry in the housequickly because it uses heated bars.

At the time of purchase it is important to check the energy consumption of this device. The heated drying rackuses electric resistances to produce heat and dry the laundry in a short time.

Among the various models on the market we point out the Eglemtek heated drying rack which is proposed with low consumption: the absorption is 230W. The drying rack in question is 148 cm long, 54 cm wide and 93 cm high. It has 12 small bars and 8 long bars. The drying rack is foldable and extremely compact. On Amazon it is offered at a cost of 54.99 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

Useful Link: Low consumption electric heated drying rack

When using the heated drying rack, you have to pay attention to humidity. Avoid using the electric drying rack in the kitchen or bathroom, areas already put to the test by vapors. If you live in a humid house, avoid the heated drying rack. When drying linen at home, it is a good idea to ventilate the room by opening the window and ensuring air changes. The air exchange will help you regulate the humidity and prevent the formation of stains on the walls.

The dryer balloon

Another alternative solution to the dryer, much appreciated by those who wantdry laundryin tight times, it is the "electric balloon" or "dryer balloon". This appliance uses electricity to generate a flow of hot air suitable for drying clothes. You do not fall into the problem of humidity because the condensate is trapped in the same balloon.

To always have fresh and dry linen, every time you use it, you will need to remove and turn over the cover of the ball so as not to fall into problems such as bad smells.

Among the various products on the market, we would like to point out the Dry Ballon electric clothes hanger, offered on Amazon at a price of € 58.98 with shipping included in the price.

Useful link: Portable Electric Dryer Dry ballon Clothes Hanger

Is it better to use a drying balloon or a heated drying rack?
The dryer balloon does not have the problem of condensation and humidity. On the other hand, the drying bag is much more expensive from an electrical point of view. While the heated drying rack absorbs only 230W, the electric balloon absorbs 1000W. Despite the higher energy consumption, the dryer balloon is recommended if you live in a damp house, already prone to condensation problems or mold on the walls.

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