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Blue boiler stamp

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Blue boiler sticker, today it is mandatory in all cities of Italy and let's not imagine it is about who knows what, it is the name of the certification that some experts in the sector, recognized by our Municipality of residence, can issue to us boiler owners.

This Stamp, therefore ensures that everything is okay, it must be applied on the documents that accompany our system in order to be able to show our correctness at any time. The technician, in order to give us the Blue boiler stamp, must perform the appropriate checks which also include the analysis of exhaust fumes, for example, and the check on general operation.

Although we already have the Blue boiler stamp but we simply have to renew it, it is not an automatic process, we have to re-submit our plant to controls regarding the emission of pollutants and fumes: there are in fact limit thresholds established by law and the expert will take combustion material to carry out the necessary measurements.

The Blue boiler stamp it is not bureaucracy but arises from the need not to emit pollutants, to live peacefully without fear of malfunctions.

New boiler blue stamp

I repeat that it is about a mandatory approval to be obtained for all owners of a boiler and cannot be released by a person who claims to know about it, can do so only authorized companies. Whoever installs a new boiler in particular must be careful and keep the certificate of conformity of the system (Law 37/2008) as well as the system booklet of the new boiler.

Blue boiler sticker: first ignition

The first time our system is switched on, with the energy efficiency test, the blue boiler sticker which is not perennial: after 4 years it must be renewed and this involves a new maintenance visit and the smoke check after which, if everything is in order, we get the stamp.

This is for the very first start-up of the system, while for the first start-up of the season, there is another process. Before the big cold arrives, in fact, even if we have the Blue boiler sticker, it's best to do a review, check up style, so you can spend a worry-free winter. At least as far as temperatures are concerned.

Also in this case they go to verify the exhaust fumes and any pollutants released into the environment. There is always a need for a recognized technician to testify and put his face to it, in this case, after carrying out the required checks, he will note what has been done in our boiler booklet, filling Technical Maintenance Inspection Report.

Blue boiler sticker: prices

Check prices to get the Blue boiler stamp may vary from municipality to municipality but I can provide indicative figures. Generally we can find ourselves faced with requests for money that go from 160 euros to 200 euros, quotas that include ordinary maintenance and smoke emission control which alone is worth about 100 euros.

Blue boiler sticker: frequency

Until before 2013, to regulate what concerned the Blue boiler stamp there was Decree Law 192 of 19 August 2005 which specified how it was to be carried out at the request of citizens with a different frequency depending on the type of boiler installed in the house.

Then came the Press Release n. 69 of 2/15/2013 of CCouncil of Ministers which imposed the boiler check every 4 years, always every 4 it is also necessary to carry out the revision of the autonomous gas boilers according to the European Directive on energy performance in autonomous heating systems.

By intertwining laws and indications, today we can keep in mind that the Blue stamp for natural gas or LPG systems it must be renewed every 4 years, that for liquid or solid fuel thermal systems every 2 years while those who have boilers over 100Kw every have must renew it by carrying out certified checks.

Blue boiler sticker: tenant or owner

It is not always clear who should obtain or renew the Blue boiler stamp and this can become a source of dispute between neighbors or between owners and tenants. We clarify that it is an obligation for all boiler owners who have installed the system in the building or room but if the property or room has been rented out, the system manager, and therefore the Blue boiler sticker, it is the occupant, even without a title.

If we live in a building, the person in charge of the condominium boiler is by law the one who must make sure that everything is controlled and that the Blue boiler stamp is renewed according to the defined deadlines.

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