Borax, what is it

Borax, what is it

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Borax, what is itand what are its uses. A complete guide to the use of this important boron compound. Where is it and how to use it for laundry or to keep ants away.

Borax, what it is and uses

Its chemical name issodium tetraborate, it is an important boron compound. Theboraxit is one of the main constituents of a large number of detergents. Hisusesthey are not limited to cleaning: we find it in water softeners (to reduce the amount of limescale in the water), in disinfectants (even in the very common Amuchina) and in insecticides.

To simplify, we can say that it is the product of the reaction between boric acid and soda. It is a soft white crystal, which dissolves easily in water and is commercially available in the form of a powder.

L'useof theborax, in the industrial field, it is very dense: the applications are so many that we also find it in the food sector. The food industry reports the presence ofboraxamong food additives, with the initialsAND 285. The use of borax by the food industry is controversial, as the EEC regulation 1272/2008 itself classifies theboraxas a "toxic" compound, included in category 1B, that is harmful for fertility and category 2, as it is irritating to the eyes.

In the dry cleaners, theboraxit is used to remove stains from fabrics because it is able to dissolve fats, softening dirt and facilitating its removal. For the production of soaps, borax is associated with particular waxes to improve the sensation of softness of the skin.

The uses of borax to ward off ants

In case of annoying ant invasions, theboraxcan be used as "poison" to prepare deadly baits. Sugar and borax powder are mixed in equal parts, water is gradually added and a pasty solution is obtained. This homemade bait with borax, should be placed in the places of passage of ants. The ants will pick it up and carry it to their nest as a food supply. Borax will poison all ants in a short time.

It is important to remember that theboraxis a toxic compound, to be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

Borax, where to find it

As stated, borax is found in many detergents and disinfectants, including in the Amuchina used to disinfect fruit and vegetables. Those who prefer to use pure powdered borax, perhaps to prepare anti-ant bait or for other purposes, can go to the pharmacy. Borax, in fact, is more easily found in pharmacies than in stores dedicated to home hygiene.

Those who prefer can buy powdered borax by taking advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon there is no shortage of purchase proposals to search for with the name of Borax, sodium borateorsodium tetraborate.

Borax, is it harmful? Contraindications and advice for use

If you are wondering if theborax is toxic, in part we have already answered you previously by citing the classification CEE 1272/2008. Borax is useful as a cleanser but is no longer recommended tomedical use. The recommendations for non-use for medical purposes come from the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration)and by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

If you intend to use theboraxforusesdomestic, you should take the same precautions for use as for the use of a common insecticide! Even if you use borax as a stain remover or bleach for fabrics: thoroughly rinse the garments after use! This recommendation applies following the use of any chemical detergent. Pregnant women should limit their exposure to borax.

Rinse any surface that has come into contact with borax, especially floors (in the case of children and pets) and worktops (there is a risk of food contamination).

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