Replace the roller shutter belt

Replace the roller shutter belt

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How to replace the roller shutter belt: useful instructions for replacing the roller shutter rope. What to do in case of jammed rope.

In case ofshutter blocked, problems with the roller shutter, worn knobs or stuck shutter, we invite you to read our guide onhow to fix the blinds.In the page just reported we explain how to fix a broken shutter analyzing the most common failures.

Therebelt replacementof the roller shutter is a very common operation. When the short of the roller shutter starts to wear out, it should be replaced without running the risk that the rope could break.

A worn belt can jam in the mechanism making it difficult to lower and raise the shutter. A worn belt, if it breaks, can cause the Persian which, under the force of gravity, could come out of the guides and / or break.

How to replace the roller shutter belt

Thererope replacementit must be performed with the shutter completely lowered. Loosen the rope a little, to do this you will have to free it from the wall. To release the rope, unscrew the screws that keep it fixed to the wall.

Remove the plate that covers the spring roller shutter and retrieve the rope from inside the wall.

Once the plate has been removed, lift the roller shutter and move it away from the wall, firmly holding the drum and its support. You can only remove the belt when you can keep the drum still.

Unload the drum belt by gently following the rotation. When rotating the drum, approximate the number of revolutions it completes until the spring is completely released. Counting the laps performed will help you at the time of the new assembly, to reload properly.

Access the roller shutter box by opening the door at the front or at the bottom. Within theroller shutter boxyou will find the roller on which the shutter winds to which the pulley is connected. The pulley is the cylinder on which the shutter is wound when you lift it.

The belt, now freed from the wall, must be removed inside the box through the through hole. It is precisely through this hole that the belt fits into the wall.

To fully understand our guide, we have proposed a demonstration video, available at the end of the page.

Replace the broken rope of the roller shutter

Detach the board that closes the drawer of the roller shutter (placed above the window) so that you can access the mechanism, theropeis on the far right. If the rope is torn, remove it completely by untying the knot that holds it anchored to the pulley.

With the rope broken, go to a well-stocked hardware store and buy one of the same thickness but about 20cm longer (so in case of mistake, you will have excess material to work with). Alternatively, measure the width of the string and purchase an identical one.

Insert it into the special spouts (the lower one is applied to the wall while the upper one is fixed to the wooden chest of drawers). Make the two knots as you observed them originally (two simple knots are enough for fixing) and that's it. Refit the wooden chest of drawers and close the mechanism.

Rope for roller shutters

Typically, the ropes for roller shutters have a standard width. If the length of the belt for the shutter varies according to the mounting height of the box, the thickness is generally universal: between 16 and 25 mm.

The rope must be compatible with the gap placed in the wall, the one it uses to reach the roller (in the box). Arm yourself with a ruler and measure your old string. You may want to measure the old belt and buy one of the same width.

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Video: EzyFit window roller shutter installation - Paul from South Australia (February 2023).