How to unclog the toilet

How to unclog the toilet

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How to unclog the toilet: the natural solutions to be able to solve the problem of clogged pipes by yourself, without the help of a plumber or industrial products.

Everyone will have happened at least once to be with a clogged toilet. Generally, after having tried various industrial products (containing chemical agents), one turns to a plumber (whose parcel is almost always quite salty).

In this article we propose various solutions that will allow you to unclogging the toilet with homemade alternatives, remedies that, in addition to saving you money, will help you respect the environment and protect your health! Yes because the chemical gushing they are very aggressive and if in contact with the skin they can be very dangerous, causing real burns!

Unclog the toilet

When a toilet looks like you blocked, before getting alarmed and intervening, you would do well to wait, avoiding flushing for at least 8-10 hours. In fact, the toilet pipes often get "clogged" due to excessive toilet paper that piles up creating real obstructions.

Avoiding pulling the chain for a while, the paper should soften in order to facilitate the release of the drain.

How to flush the toilet: home remedies with hot water

First of all, if the toilet is clogged, you will have to try to eliminate the excess water, the one that stagnates in the cup due to the obstruction. To empty the toilet you can use a pump but a plastic container will also be fine, use what you have without making too many problems. If you really don't know how to make an idea is to carve an empty detergent bottle or plastic bottles to use as bins.

Once the cup has been emptied, pour into boiling water (1-2 buckets). Help yourself with the toilet brush to move the obturation and then pull the drain.

The moment you hear a sucking of water, well you have freed the drain!

Free the toilet with bicarbonate, water and coarse salt

To make the hot water method even more effective, we recommend that you add a glass of coarse salt and one of baking soda to the cup before pouring the hot water. In this way, a natural abrasive effect is created that helps to make the water flow more fluidly, unblocking the pipes.

How to unclog the toilet with baking soda and vinegar

The combination of white vinegar and baking soda creates an effervescent chemical reaction that is very useful in unblocking plumbing jams. To take advantage of the properties of these two ingredients, after having carefully eliminated the still water from the cup, all you have to do is pour a glass of baking soda and 2 large cups of vinegar into the toilet. Immediately after, add a pot of hot water that will make the solution flow even deeper into the pipes. If the drain is still clogged, help yourself with the toilet brush and repeat the whole process.

How to clear the pipes with coke

Coca cola, like most fizzy drinks, has a fairly aggressive corrosive effect (think about what it can do in your stomach!) Which, however, can be effective in eliminating limescale encrustations and any slightly clogged toilet. To use coke to release the drain you will need:

- 250 grams of coarse salt.
- 250 grams of baking soda.
- 2 cups of coke.

In an empty plastic bottle, first pour the dry ingredients (salt and baking soda) and then add the cocacola, taking care to mix everything well.
When you are sure that the powders have properly blended with the liquid part of the compound, pour the solution into the toilet and leave to act for a few hours.

How to unclog the toilet mechanically: use the plunger

If you really can't remove the traffic jam, you can use mechanical methods such as the plunger.

Before using this tool, which is as ancient as it is useful, we advise you to pour hot water on it to make the rubber more ductile. In this way the plunger adapts to the surface of the cup and this will allow you to apply pressure to eliminate the problem.

If you do not have this tool you can also use a clothes hanger lined with a cloth or your hands (obviously protected by special silicone gloves) in order to unclog everything. You can also take advantage of the mechanical methods as an aid to the solutions mentioned above, so the unclogging of the toilet should be ensured!

Unclogging the drain: the method that the plumber would use

A good plumber would be able to unclog the clogged toiletusing a very easy to use and rather cheap metal probe. For all the instructions on how a plumber would act and where to find the metal probe (costs about 15 euros), we refer you to our guidedrain the clogged drain.

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