Tibetan goats: breeding, what they eat, character and price

Tibetan goats: breeding, what they eat, character and price

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Tibetan goats, animals that we begin to see even in our homes, as life companions. So far there are rare cases but fashion could spread, better inquire in advance. They are by no means aggressive or dangerous creatures but they certainly aren't for everyone, especially when it comes to live together in very confined spaces.

Tibetan goats: character

The Tibetan goats in general they live in groups in which they strictly respect a precise hierarchy. There may be alliances between males, but who is in charge is one male-female couple, follow the younger females, even further down we find the precocious males recognizable by their small horns with the characteristic beard under the chin. Females even can not even have horns, if they appear they are shorter and thinner than those of their male peers.

If we are to imagine the Tibetan goats, we take into account that at the withers they measure from 35 to 60 cm, the females are always smaller and more slender and weigh 10 kg less than males, on average, which instead reach 30.

The coat was once brown but over the years it has taken on different colors which, with the crossings, are surprisingly more varied than ever: from white to black, with suede, gray or dappled cloak tips. As for the length of the hair, it depends on the season, but that of the males is getting thicker, it is also confused with the fact that they are more muscular and strong.

Tibetan goats: what they eat

They are omnivorous animals, the Tibetan goats, but in reality they eat mostly leaves, grass and shrubs. In nature they procure their own food but in the cold months it is not so simple and if we give them hay they will be grateful to us for life, possibly dry.

These animals also love very much leaves, shoots, tree bark, unground grains and cereals, dry bread. We must not overdo it with fruit, but mineral salt must never be lacking, it can be found without problems in pet shops. We take into account that Tibetan goats are quite greedy, always leave water at their disposal and worry if they become picky or inappetent.

Newborn Tibetan goats

The baby girls Tibetan goats Sometimes they do not even reach a kilo and feed on mother's milk for a month but are immediately able to move: they jump around and look for the mother for milk, then at six months they are already weaned. The average life is 10 - 12 years, if kept in captivity, even 20, but these are very rare cases.

The playback rhythm it is quite high, taking into account that when the cubs are weaned immediately the females are ready for one new pregnancy

Tibetan goats: breeding

Tibetan goats are originally from Somalia and also known as African dwarf goats, they are not considered classic livestock but intended as pets. They haven't been around for long in Italy, they arrived in a low voice a few decades ago, first in places like zoos and farms. The idea of ​​adopting it as a dog or a cat, as a pet, is very recent, at least in our country.

The name is misleading, because Tibet doesn't have much to do with the Tibetan goats, even if they are very adaptable and able to survive in habitats even different from those in which they have their roots, where there is a humid and hot climate and a arid and steppe vegetation.

If we want to raise these animals we must be able to provide them with a large enough garden, they are however sociable and affectionate, easy to manage, except during the mating season when i males become aggressive and females, irritable and spiteful.

Tibetan goats: price

The price of Tibetan goats it can even reach 100 euros, depending on the sex but also on the age.
We find them in specialized farms but also if we attend livestock fairs. Another way to find them, playing it safe, is to order them at your local pet store. We can face price fluctuations because kids cost less than adult goats.

Tibetan goats: photo

They are very nice to capture the Tibetan goats, I'm the classic joke photo animal. If instead we want to browse more naturalistic images, starting to know them better, here is the book you need: "The Tibetan goats. Dwarf goats and other breeds”, At 23 euros on Amazon, by Carlo Cova.

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