Stoves for external heating

Stoves for external heating

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Stoves for external heating: the solutions available to heat gardens and terraces with high efficiency appliances. From infrared stoves to classic mushrooms to heat outdoor environments.

Thereoutdoor stoveit gives us the possibility to use a terrace or a garden even in the winter months. These are solutions for thelocalized heatingof small outdoor areas. You shouldn't expect the same efficiency from indoor heating appliances! Thestoves for external heatingthey do not guarantee pleasant temperatures over a wide range but are able to heat small spaces placed outdoors.

Types of outdoor stoves

Thestoves for external heatingthey differ in power source, shape, lightness and bulk.

The market offers many models: even there areradiatorsvery special garden furniture! There is no shortage of outdoor tables that integrate electric resistances along the feet and therefore heat the seated diners!

Betweenstoves to heat an outdoor environment more classic, there are the flame stoves (running on gas, with a cylinder or drawing from the system network) known by the name ofmushroom.

A more recent type is given by the radiant surface stoves. These appliances radiate heat through a metal mesh.

Mushroom for heating balconies, terraces and gardens

Among the various models on the market, with these characteristics of heat radiation, we point out the Sunny S46-03 model. Thispatio heaterprovides a hidden housing to accommodate a gas bottle with a capacity of 15 kg. There is no lack of safety systems and heating adjustment modes.

Therepatio heaterit has a power of 13.5 kw and is equipped with wheels to facilitate transport. It is 214 cm high and ... even if the description states that the kit with flexible gas hose is not included, this kit is supplied at the time of purchase.

I reported this product because I had the opportunity to test it firsthand, I bought two for my terrace and I must say that I am very happy. The mushroom stove is easy to assemble, before arrival I had already purchased a pressure regulator (bought from Leroy Merlin) but in the package it came out together with the approximately 50 cm hose.

The Sunny line, in addition to being efficient and comfortable, provides a good choice between the available colors: silver, white, lacquered gray, matt gray and brown.

Infrared heaters to heat terraces, balconies and gardens

As stated, thefugoit is not the only solution available for external heating. There are pyramids and heating bodies of various kinds.

Among the most recent solutions there are those with electric power supply. Of course, a mushroom is convenient for heating the garden, however having to carry a 15 kg cylinder up the stairs and reach the terrace ... it could be difficult for some of us!

Infrared stoves are electric and often, when placed at maximum intensity, they can absorb 2,000 Watts, which means that in a domestic environment, with a 3.2 kW energy supply contract, you risk exceeding consumption. Make sure you use it at medium intensity.

In some circumstances theinfrared heatersfor outdoor use can be a good solution. There are different models, in addition, being infrared, they do not use open flames or cylinders (there is no combustion).

Among the various proposals we point out the OASI Radialight model. It can be fixed to the wall, ceiling or suspended on a pole. It is controlled with a remote control, emits diffused heat and low brightness. Outdoors, it can radiate heat by heating an area of ​​7.5 square meters if installed on the wall or on a floor lamp. If installed on the ceiling, it covers a wider radius because it heats with both sides (just over 10 square meters).

Infrared appliances run on electricity and are more expensive than mushrooms and other gas stoves. The model mentioned (visible in the photos) is offered at the price of 399 euros with shipping costs included.

The model draws up to 2,000 watts but has 6 adjustment modes.

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