Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil

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Sunflower oil, or sunflower oil, to be used for dressing or cooking, but also for hair and skin. Before condemning him, well aware that theextra virgin olive oil is to be preferred, let's get to know the benefits and the chemical composition that could surprise us.

Sunflower oil: chemical composition

The fats, which almost entirely make up this sunflower oil, are to be distinguished into monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. Among the saturated there are palmitic acid and stearic acid that might sound familiar to us, in the same way for linoleic acid and oleic acid, among the polyunsaturated ones.

If sunflower oil is almost entirely composed of fats, what remains can be imagined as vitamin E, vitamin K and phytosterols

Sunflower oil: high oleic

We haven't been able to find theSunflower oil in a version that is particularly rich in oleic acid. Is it good or bad?

Of course that's good because this novelty makes it a better oil when it comes to frying. If we already often prefer it to others, in this mode of use, for as long as we have available Sunflower oil high oleic we must not be seized by any doubts since, compared to the normal one, it has greater stability during cooking and its smoke point is greater than normal by 15 °.

Even those who do not like fried food, or cannot overdo it with it, inSunflower oil with higher oleic acid can find a higher percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids which help reduce the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Organic sunflower oil

To obtain theSunflower oil it is extracted from the homonymous plant, known in the scientific world as Helianthus annuus, but it is not so simple and intuitive. There are two ways in which it can be extracted, one better than the other. This is why it is important to pay attention to food labels.

We can in fact stumble upon Sunflower oil obtained with passages that maintain the characteristics and organoleptic properties of the raw material unaltered. Or produced with gods solvents that end up depriving the seeds of much of their precious properties.

By purchasing an organic sunflower oil, also on Amazon, we can be sure that it will be excellent not only for frying.

Sunflower oil: biscuits

In the kitchen this oil is used very often, when you want to fry, because the best, but also on other occasions. Often you start choosing it for its low cost, but it is natural to realize that it is not bad at all.

Even for seasoning, it is not to be discarded, even if not comparable to extra virgin olive oil, but more often we find sunflower oil in recipes such as mayonnaise and tasty cookies that require its use. Instead of butter, for example, taking into account that per 100 grams you have to count 884 calories.

Sunflower oil for hair

If in the kitchen we are Taliban extra virgin olive oil, theSunflower oil it can be useful for the skin and hair, in lotion. It is in fact possible to prepare and apply them in order to restore softness and shine to the hair, once a week, by massaging the scalp. Massaging the face with Sunflower oil we will be able to obtain a repellent effect for bacteria and preventive against pimples, even sore muscles benefit from greasy sunflower massages.

Sunflower oil prices

A liter of Sunflower oil it can cost around 2 to 10 euros. Offers may happen, or brands that are more valuable than others, but in general the price is affordable. This does not detract from the benefits it gives us: it is an antioxidant and reduces cholesterol, protects the skin and fights the effect of free radicals, it also has anti-inflammatory power and is good for asthma sufferers. Sunflower oil is often recommended for infants: it protects them from infections.

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