Country fitness for weight loss

Country fitness for weight loss

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Country fitness for weight loss, but not only that, also to feel good about yourself and be in company. And to stay up to date because country fitness is one of the novelties in the fitness world and looks like it can conquer many. What makes me personally think is also the fact that this discipline it is aimed at people of any age and taste, or almost. Certainly not the lazy, but even those who are not a great lover of the gym, can find themselves attracted by this mix of dance and gymnastics.

The country fitness it combines training with fun, it is easy to learn and it is not necessary to be a super sportsman, just having practiced fitness or country line dance activities. As a commitment, it requires two workouts per week and as equipment, only one sportswear and sneakers. It is the inevitable country style cap.

Country fitness: what it is

The country fitness for weight loss or to do anti-stress or anti-depression physical activity, include fitness classes that start with warm-up and go to stretching. The structure of this vast and still little known practice is pyramidal, there are aerobics and coordination exercises, you test your stamina by toning your muscles.

Can't miss it stretching and then there is the part of the fights and chases to be alternated with couple dances and at Irish dances. By moving, in rhythm, you also develop a culture, deepening yourself and experiencing the evolution of country music, contaminated by Rock and Pop, Western and Rockabilly.

Country fitness: benefits

When you start doing Country fitness often one has the idea of ​​having fun, perhaps keeping fit, "while we're at it", but instead it turns out to be a discipline that gives us new energy. Body energy, but above all mental. If you then want to get serious, you get to train muscle groups in a specific way and in general to increase your desire to keep fit and in training, without too many obsessions.

Yes, because if classic fitness can lead to this risk, the Country fitness thanks to dance, it can also be experienced as moment of leisure and socialization. Furthermore, let us not forget that the benefits reach not only young people but also children and the elderly who, each with respect to their possibilities, will be able to work on toning and cardio-muscular strengthening.

Country fitness for weight loss

In having fun and keeping fit, you also get to lose weight by practicing the Country fitness if this is one of our goals. It is not a useless losing weight, of those that as soon as you stop or slow down, it is nullified, because the exercises are also studied to tone and to increase dexterity and concentration. The results will blow your mind.

Country fitness: exercises

There are series of exercises of Country fitness that go to constitute a real routine of choreographed for each song, predefined and to be studied and prepared carefully. Even if the atmosphere is playful and playful, it is always one sport activity which refers to the international treaties of Aerobics, also including toning exercises that can be performed by people of any age.

The creator of this discipline is Nicolas Rosan which he has been able to create with skill a mix of situps and chases, fights and dancing which can make you think of star wars.

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