Homemade Kefir Milk

Homemade Kefir Milk

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Kefir milk: what it is, where to buy it and how to prepare it at home. The properties of milk kefir and a recipe for water kefir.

Kefir milk, what is it

Reality should be calledmilk kefir but now, on the web, the wording "kefir milk" has taken over. Kefir milk or milk kefir, is none other thanfermented milk thanks to kefir granules.

Kefir consists of granules made from yeasts and bacteria, which is why kefir milk is an excellent probiotic food, useful for purifying the body and for weight loss.

Kefir milk, properties

Kefir grains consist mainly of saccharides (glucose and galactose) and proteins, in structures produced by the same bacteria and yeast. For all properties of kefir milk we invite you to read the page dedicated toKefir.

Kefir milk, where to buy it

In fact, the fermented milkbut you buy the granules to use to prepare the kefir milk at home as described in the next paragraph.

Kefir grains are not that easy to find. The lucky ones can find them in natural shops or pharmacies, however this same product is easy to buy online.

Water kefir, where to buy it? Where if not onAmazon, the largest ecommerce on the web. Typing the wordkefirA large number of books come out on Amazon, however a more careful search highlights a large number of sellers offering ferments and granules to start a home preparation of kefir.

Many sellers propose the purchase of live cultures but since we don't know how shipments are handled, it is better to focus on dehydrated products to be activated at home. From this point of view I point out theKefir company bio starter culture.

The product is offered on Amazon at a price of € 19.95 with free shipping costs and contains several bags of dehydrated enzymes ready to resume their activity once they come into contact with water or milk. With one package it is possible to prepare more than 100 liters of kefir.

You can take advantage of the microorganism culture you purchased to start your own colony to use forever. In this way you will free yourself from purchasing new products but you must take various precautions for use in order not to contaminate the selected strains.

A colony of microorganisms is fragile if not well maintained: contamination of any kind can alter the balance and introduce strains that are not useful to the body, so pay close attention to how you handle your kefir granules or sachets.

The mentioned product can be used both to prepare thekefir milkor kefir water. For the water kefir recipe, please refer to the guidehow to prepare water kefir. In the next paragraph we will see how to make kefir milk at home.

Homemade kefir milk

The preparation of the kefir milk it is very simple and we can describe it in 5 steps.

  1. Pour in 2 tablespoons ofkefir granulesin a glass jar.
    The amount of granules used initially strongly affects the flavor of the drink, with experience you can make changes based on personal tastes.
  2. Add 700 ml of cow's milk to the jar.
    Be careful not to fill the jar up to the garden as fermentation requires oxygen.Leave 1/3 of the jar free.
  3. Cover the jar and store it at room temperature
    Low temperatures prevent fermentation while excessively high temperatures kill microorganisms.
  4. Let the mixture ferment for 8 hours.
    By preparing the kefir in the evening, it will be possible to drink the resulting drink the next morningThe longer the fermentation time, the more acidic and dense the kefir obtained will beIf you don't like a too sour taste, you can devote just 5 hours to fermentation. Water or coconut milk kefir will have to ferment for over 8 hours, some even suggest 24 hours!
  5. Filter the kefir with a very tightly meshed sieve or with a muslin cloth.

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