Natural antidepressants

Natural antidepressants

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Natural antidepressants, our allies when we are seized by a sadness that seems to have no end or even reason to exist. The mood is certainly linked to the character of each of us and to what we have lived up to now, but there is also one biological component, also strictly personal. Sadness, or serenity, even joy, is also linked to production of endorphins secreted by our brain because with their analgesic or stimulating properties, they have great effects on our mood. Endorphins are usually released as a result of very intense physical activities but also during moments of deep meditation or if we feel strong emotions. Sometimes they cause euphoria, others drowsiness.

Natural antidepressants: what they are

It is good to explain what is meant by Natural antidepressants: these are food supplements based on herbal or medicinal plant extracts and natural substances that have the ability to positively affect mood. It must be said that they existbiological depression and psychogenic depression, they have different characteristics and premises. That biological it is caused by an alteration in neurotransmission mechanisms and can be treated with natural antidepressants made from plants.

It takes some plants that act on neurotransmitters, because they convey information through the nervous system and are able to change our mood. There psychogenic depression it has another origin, to be found in our personal inner conflicts, sometimes linked to a specific event. In this case we must choose among the natural antidepressants Bach flowers or essential oils that help address the causes of depression and trigger change.

Natural antidepressants in herbal medicine

In phytotherapy we find natural antidepressants which help fight sadness, regulate mood and stabilize the mood. They are plants, some well known, others less so, among them emerges rhodiola which helps to increase the plasma concentration of beta-endorphins thus preventing hormonal changes indicative of stress.

Of the griffonia seeds are used, containing a precursor of serotonin: they are used to improve mood, help us to control the pain threshold and regulate the sleep-wake cycle, eliminating anxiety and depression. A diet rich in minerals and vitamins is also one to be mentioned Natural antidepressants, especially if it also includes spirulina, maca or pollen, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Natural antidepressants: St. John's wort

Hypericum is important because it contains the flavonoids that they are Natural antidepressants and they also have a sedative action. Dry extract or mother tincture must be used, both also act against insomnia, avoid too frequent mood swings during menopause or in periods of seasonal depression.

Natural antidepressants: Bach flowers

As explained in the article dedicated to Bach flowers, it is not true that one is as good as the other, there are Natural antidepressants, the best known and recommended are Sweet Chestnut, Gentian, Wild Rose, Gorse and Mustard but we can also have a personal blend created by asking a flower therapist, a homeopath or a naturopath.

If we choose the flower that suits us we will notice gods improvements in our daily mood, fewer emotional imbalances and the disappearance of that negative attitude towards our person and our life.

Light natural antidepressants

Light but effective against depression are the essential oils, also useful in cases of anxiety and mood disorders of various kinds. The essential oil of arancio, bergamot, neroli, sage, cinnamon and cypress I'm Powerful natural antidepressants, Those who practice aromatherapy know this well, a holistic natural practice that intervenes on physical, mental and spiritual processes, giving us or restoring balance.

This strong power of essential oils is explained by the fact that the olfactory stimulations they are the only ones to reach the cerebral cortex without being filtered by the receptor center of the thalamus. Among Natural antidepressants we also find theSt. John's wort, also available online: a pack of 120 capsules costs 16 euros and acts against stress and bad mood.

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