Chlorophyll: properties and benefits

Chlorophyll: properties and benefits

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Chlorophyll, antioxidant and anti-anemic, is a precious substance. Often it is associated with chlorophyll photosynthesis, but it is not only in this case the protagonist. At the table and as an ingredient in food supplements it can become an important help for those who want stay fit and healthy.

Chlorophyll: what it is

Green, like the leaves that contain it, the Chlorophyll is present in many plants but, less intuitively, also in algae and bacteria. It is used to absorb the light which is then used for the synthesis of carbohydrates which occurs from water and carbon dioxide. This is the chlorophyll photosynthesis of which we have already mentioned.

They exist in nature various types of this substance, and differ by way of wavelengths that characterize the light that they are able to absorb from time to time. The best known varieties are A and B, but there are also C and D. The A absorbs a certain type of light which the B is then able to transfer in the form of energy, with the help of some carotenoids expanding the range of light radiation usable by the plant. The algae they mainly have chlorophyll C, i bacteria instead the D also called bacteriochlorophyll.

Chlorophyll where it is found

As long as we find it in plants, algae and bacteria, it seems rather useless for our health, but it is also present in fresh vegetables. Spinach, rocket, parsley and green beans they are particularly rich in chlorophyll which, even in other similar foods, gives antioxidant properties thanks to the simultaneous presence of polyphenols and carotenoids.

In addition to vegetables, we find this substance or a semi-synthetic derivative thereof, as an ingredient in products used for reduce body odors, both in urine and faeces. In the first case, these are preparations especially dedicated to people suffering from incontinence, in the second of products for those who have undergone colostomies or ileostomies.

Chlorophyll: properties

The most evident property is its color, an aspect that makes it recognizable and that distinguishes it. It is due to the fact that this substance absorbs light in the blue-violet and red-orange portion, green light is the least absorbed, consequently it is better picked up by our eyes.

Another important property of chlorophyll is the presence of magnesium within its molecule, confirmed by the fact that the rich plants of one, e verdant, they also have a high content of this mineral salt.

Chlorophyll: benefits

Since it has many benefits, you can find it both in some food supplements, both in diet products and drugs. In these cases its value is linked to antioxidant and anti-anemic properties which it possesses having a porphyrin structure similar to that of hemoglobin.

They can be distinguished only because the C. has magnesium instead of iron in the center of the tetrapirrole ring. We can find chlorophyll used too as a dye in both food and pharmaceuticals. Its green contributes to the nuance that many tablets take and to those that we see enhanced in olive oil.

Chlorophyll: chewable tablets

There are numerous tablets that contain Chlorophyll together with other substances extremely useful for our health. For example, these, which can also be purchased on Amazon in packs of 300, have ingredients Magnesium, Fibers, Proteins, Potassium, Iron and help neutralize and remove free radicals. There are those who also use it to reduce toxins in the body e lower cholesterol levels.

Chlorophyll: halitosis drops

Another way to fill up on Chlorophyll the "liquid" one. The drops of this substance are useful for reducing odors and breath. At 21 euros on Amazon we can buy a bottle and check the results.

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