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Portable hobs

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Portable hobs: which portable hob to choose between gas, electric plates, glass ceramic and induction hobs. Prices, models, opinions and advice for choosing.

Do you want to cook in the open air? Maybe you want to set up a kitchen in the garden and search portable hobsad hoc. If they are i portable hobsthose you are looking for, you have landed on the right page because we will show you different options proposed by the market without being influenced by the commercials of the producers!

Aportable hobit must be small in size, easy to clean and manage but above all it must be free-standing. Aportable hobit must have all the advantages of the classic hobs and in addition they must not require restricted positions.

These are very useful countertop appliances for the holiday home or for cooking in the garden.

Outdoor cookers and plates

Those looking for more solutions "Definitive"In order to cook in the garden, you can consult the models of garden plates listed in the article dedicated to outdoor kitchens.

Portable induction hob

Those with induction are increasingly popular. They have an induction glass ceramic plate with electric power supply. The most compact are equipped with only one cooking position while the most complete offer two or three.

They can easily be used outdoors, to cook any dish. The more powerful ones offer good cooking speed and are scald-proof: the heat is concentrated only in the cooking area, under the pan, so in contact with the perimeter glass ceramic no one will get burned!

The market offers many portable induction hobs. I'malmostall very beautiful to look at but not all of them are functional. When purchasing, pay attention to the electrical absorption: choose the portable induction hobs which give a strong possibility to regulate the electrical absorption according to the cooking methods.

A good choice is proposed by the model Hi-Tech Chef G3 Ferrari, offered on Amazon at the promotional price of 131 euros with free shipping. The same product, in many shopping centers, can be bought for 189 euros.

We recommended this countertop induction hob because it offers an excellent technical data sheet. It is equipped with a large 4-digit digital display with soft-touch controls, a large cooking area capable of accommodating pots up to a diameter of 26 cm. Among its features we mention the most relevant:

  • possibility to adjust the absorbed power from 500 to 2,000 watts, passing through 800, 1,200, 1,500 and 1,800 watts. Without the regulator, consumption can reach a maximum absorption peak of 3,500 watts
  • Timer to set cooking times and automatic shutdown.
  • Possibility to adjust the cooking temperature from 60 ° C to 240 ° C.
  • It can accommodate pots from 12 to 26 cm in diameter.

The model mentioned is shown in the photo above.

Portable gas hobs

There is no shortage of portable gas hobs on the market. There are models of different sizes with fire numbers ranging, generally, from one to four.

Portable gas hobs are extremely compact even if they retain the need for an electrical and gas power source, in fact they have an electrical - gas connection hole.

For those who live in a studio apartment and have an extremely small house, there is no shortage of flip-up hobs, which means that they can disappear after use, you only have to clean and lift it vertically by placing it "face to wall". Then there are the free-standing ones, which, not being fixed, can really be considered portable.

Very beautiful (although very expensive) are the Alpes Inox support hobs, available with two or five burners.

Portable hob with electric plates

The most economical and practical solutions are offered byportable hobs with electric plates. With a minimum investment you can get excellent products.

Among the products with the best value for money on the market, we point outDuronic HP2SS, also this product offered at a promotional price on Amazon: 39.35 euros (free shipping costs) compared to the 79.99 euros requested by other retailers. This portable hob features two plates, is easy to transport and also aesthetically pleasing. We reported it for its excellent value for money and above all for the positive opinions of users who have tried it firsthand.

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