Good Dogs: Breeds and Characteristics

Good Dogs: Breeds and Characteristics

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Good dogs, even if big, even if fast, even if smart. THE Good dogs they are not always the ones that are expected to be, so before choosing the breed or type of our new four-legged friend, it is good to inquire. Appearances can be deceiving, even in the canine world.

Good dogs: characteristics

THE Good dogs are not slow dogs, of course, but they are the ones that can be called the most peaceful. They are the quadrupeds suitable for those who love peace and serenity, or for those who live in a condominium where some neighbors do not like the presence of animals.

They are dogs like that of a dear friend who can take him to her graphic / architecture / communication studio in Milan without worrying about getting into trouble or barking at customers and suppliers. They are the ones that another dear friend bookseller can keep between shelves of books, between the cash desk or in front of the door of her small shopwithout having to be vigilant so that it does not attack those who pass by or a non-reader.

Good dogs: breeds

Each dog has its own character, and it must always be reiterated, because these indications on the breeds of Good dogs they are always to be contextualized and taken with a grain of salt. Unexpectedly, among the most peaceful we find many large dogs, such as theGreat Dane German, for example, tremendously good and also very affectionate.

From England comes the Bullmastiff, a direct relative of San Bernando dog, sweet and also very faithful, perfect for pet therapy. A classic is the Golden Retriever, serene, peaceful and selfless as well Rhodesian Ridgeback who also tends to defend the family from dangers in a particularly courageous way. The Irish setter, among the good dogs, is one of the most playful and dynamic, but it is never annoying, restless but also good Border Collie, docile and affectionate.

Good dogs with children

Between Good dogs suitable for children Newfoundland is the most popular. It is courageous and intelligent, extremely gentle with the little ones and also skilled when used for water rescue. Another breed to consider is the Shar-Pei, the most devoted to his family, stubborn but very quiet. To bring children closer to dogs, let's get them used to the cutest one there is: Snoopy, in notebook format.

Good big dogs

Big and big, big and good. Just look at the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, kind and also protective, accustomed to looking after sheep, he takes care of his whole family by showing himself unselfish. Even the Bernese Mountain Dog he is very attached to his master and his family, he is serene and peaceful, good as few. Among the Mastiffs, the good Dogs are the Mastiffs: let's not be frightened by their size, which can even reach 90 kilos, they are affectionate and calm animals if they do not attack their master.

Good little dogs

Not "little but good" and not even "little good" but small and good. Yes, a dog can be. This is demonstrated by the Italian Greyhound, silent and delicate even if very lively, fortunately it does not like to bark. Similarly also the Whippet, always from the Greyhound family, who loves caresses and can't do without them, Perky but always very kind, also Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which alternates play and cuddle throughout the day.

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