DIY cat toys

DIY cat toys

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DIY cat toys, to appease the liveliness of these animals who, if they are not sleeping, necessarily want to do something. So in order not to find yourself buying a thousand games that they then discard or destroy, or sow who knows where, it is better to create diy cat games. So you can recycle the materials we find at home to turn them into puppets, or get some cardboard or plywood to build a mini feline funfair.

DIY cat toys with fabric

If we have scraps of fabric lying around, we are also looking for a wooden stick and string to create a mini pet that the cat can chase until he runs out of breath. That's enough attach strips of fabric to the stick, the string must remain dangling, all sewn with needle and thread, and here is a fabric mouse.

Also with crochet in a very similar way we can create a mouse, just sew a shape to be filled with the padding which can be dried and chopped leaves of catnip. Let's not forget the twine for the tail, and two embroidered eyes as well as the mouth and mustache. With old sweaters, if we are skilled at sewing, we can create many games for cats do it yourself, or by covering old spools with fabric scraps.

DIY cat games with paper

Paper and cardboard are well suited to create diy cat games that allow him to hide. Bags with strange shapes, in which felines love to slip in and then spy on what is happening around them or even a real cardboard castle multi-storey with doors and windows.

Shoeboxes are also suitable for becoming gods diy cat games, just cover them and make holes by inserting fabric puppets, inside or pom poms. Those who are skilled in working with wood, instead of cardboard, can use plywood and at this point the castle can be furnished with wheel, hiding places and ladders.

Recycled DIY cat toys

Of material to be recycled by creating diy cat games at home there is a lot of them, we have already seen some examples but here are others. THE corks they can be pierced with an awl to insert colored ribbons, the cat will be very attracted to them and will only run after them everywhere.

If we read about magazines that we then throw in the recycled paper bag, let's save a few to create strips with the pages that will drive the feline crazy: I won't want to let them escape. It is not possible that they are not in the house rolls of toilet paper: here, when they are finished, we use the support to create a pyramid by fixing them with hot glue on a cardboard and we will have a original scratching post It is funny.

Original DIY cat toys

Who is skilled with crochet? Choose the same color of cotton as that of your cat and it will be fun to see him play with his copy. With buttons you do the eyes and with the fabric the codto. On line we also find gods "animated" sticks to buy and imitate with what we have at home.

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