Machine wash: the correct temperatures

Machine wash: the correct temperatures

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Machine wash: temperatures and symbols to consider. How to choose the right washing temperature according to the fabric.

Machine wash, temperature:for many the laundry in washing machinehas no mysteries, while those who are at the first weapons with domestic life could have many doubts abouttemperaturesright to set for the various washes. Each fabric wants its ideal temperature. In fact, on this page we will see the:

  • linen washing temperature
  • washing temperature of jeans
  • wool washing temperature
  • silk washing temperature

To understand thetemperatureright for themachine wash, just look at the label of the garment to be washed. Each label suggests the temperature ideal and the type of wash best suited to that fabric.

Reading theclothes label it is very intuitive, the first symbol to observe is given by a tray which, depending on the fabric, can be accompanied by:

  • a number that indicates the machine wash temperature.
  • A hand indicates that that dress can be washed by hand.
  • A cross, the crossed tray indicates that that garment must be dry cleaned only.

Theremachine wash temperatureit can also be indicated without any number! The non-numbers indication requires the use of a symbol: a dot. A single dot, placed on the stylized drawing of a washing machine or a basin, indicates a low washing temperature, at 30 degrees. Two dots, allows washing with warm water (40 - 50 ° C), finally, three points, allows washing at high temperatures.

Theremachine wash temperature is very important: an excessively high temperature could shrink or deform the clothes.

All clothes can be washed with cold water or at 30 ° C. However, hot water is more suitable for removing dirt stains and therefore, often, high temperatures are preferred.

Washing temperature according to the fabric

Fabrics likecotton, wool and silkthey can be cold washed, ditto for a pair of jeans. Jeans should be washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees, this is because the hot water causes the fabric to disperse the color during the wash.

Jeans washing temperature
Jeans should only be washed at 40 ° when excessively dirty, otherwise they should be washed with the “Diamond” wash (30 ° C) or directly cold.

Regardless of the fabric, to save energy, the most suitable is cold washing. When the clothes are not excessively dirty, the so-called "light wash "at low temperatures.

Silk washing temperature
If you have silk dresses, don't wash them in the washing machine at all! For silk or derivatives we advise you to read the specific guidehow to wash silk.

Linen washing temperature
White linen clothes can be washed at a maximum temperature of 60 ° C, while colored linen clothes should be washed with a detergent for delicates and at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. Also in this case washing is recommendedDiamond or cold.

Temperatures for whites

In the articleHow to do laundry we have given you some suggestions for obtaining whites even at low levels temperatures.

Machine wash temperature

There temperature right an app tells us ... yes, those with a smartphone can take advantage of a glossary with a list of fabric by fabric with associated washing temperatures allowed.

To decide which program ewashing temperaturechoose you can consult a free application available for mobile devices based on Android OS and iPhone OS.

The app is very easy to use, it presents itself to the public with a very simple user interface. Is calledwashAppand in addition to providing thetemperaturessuitable for all types ofmachine wash,gives many useful tips… for example, tricks on how to remove wax or tar stains and much more.

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