Energymed 2017

Energymed 2017

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Energymed 2017 turns 10 and celebrates them between March and April in Naples, with a new edition. Looking at the program and the guests waiting for visitors, this event confirms itself as the leader of Central and Southern Italy in the energy sector, as in those of Recycling and Sustainable Mobility. Three days will be all "green" but by no means monothematic and monotonous, because the topics dealt with touch different aspects and sectors: from renewable to energy efficiency, from integrated waste management to sustainable mobility with an eye always attentive to financing and an eye to everything that is innovation.

Energymed 2017: when and where

Start on March 30 and lasts until April 1 the upcoming edition of Energymed 2017, ready to welcome Italian and international visitors to the Mostra d'Oltremare of Naples to offer an opportunity to do business, but also to show excellence and best practices and to compare themselves to make them become better. Participants are experts and technicians, visionaries, scientists and entrepreneurs, public and private administrators, all those who want to observe the green news live.

During Energymed 2017 B2B meetings will be held and also know-how exchanges between national and foreign companies, aimed at pushing for a increasingly profitable internationalization process. The 2016 Report also says so "Green Italy" realized by UnionCamere and Symbola which shows how Campania is in the top ten of the regions for the number of companies that have invested in green products and technologies.

Energymed 2017: program

The approximately 10,000 square meters of exhibition are housed over 200 companies of the different sectors called to participate in Energymed 2017 together with experts from Green economy who will be guests in the large session of conferences and meetings, with an ad hoc space dedicated to European projects

The ICE will deal in particular with the valuable internationalization activity, Energymed 2017 it is in fact included in the South Export plan hosting B2B meetings where companies, centers of excellence and foreign delegations they can meet on topics of common interest.

On the program there are also numerous awards, special initiatives, moments of presentation of research projects, technology transfer, spin-offs, and university orientation. The Energymed 2017 meetings they also provide professional training credits to Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Industrial Experts, this also applies to the inaugural conference, entitled "The opportunities of national funding and of the new programming of European funds 2014 - 2020”.

Energymed 2017: the focus

Energymed 2017 it is full of different focuses that help each visitor to optimize their stay in Naples. One of the most intense and rich is the one dedicated tointernationalization, above all thanks to the B2B meetings, already mentioned, organized by’ICE, in particular with Albania, Algeria, Arabia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Egypt, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Qatar, Romania, Saudi, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey.

For what concern Reycle sector, there will be an in-depth area for technologies and initiatives aimed at the recovery of material and energy from waste and, in particular, at the recovery of used cooking oils and their transformation into biodisel. Another "hot" topic is that of composting.

By completely changing the sector, we come to the focus onAutomation, thanks to which the experts in the sector will be able to discuss the recent developments recorded in the global market both for the "Building Automation", the construction sector, and for the "Industrial Automation", aimed at guaranteeing the precision and quality of the products.

They cannot fail to focus on Energy efficiency, with an area for Eco-Condominiums, on Mobility, given that the Sustainable Mobility Exhibition, and on the free market of Energy and Gas that I will host moments of direct confrontation on offers and on the news of the "bill 2.0 " and the service of Greater protection and Protection.

The appointment is from 30 March to 1 April at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples, more information on the website of Energymed 2017

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