How to brush a cat

How to brush a cat

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How to brush a cat? With love but also with a bit of "malice", of cunning, of course, since he doesn't always want to be touched. Independent and proud, this animal wishes to decide from time to time if we can stroke its fur, let alone if it is pass the brush. The fact remains that it is necessary to do this, so better learn how to brush a cat.

How to brush a cat and why

We must not think that it is enough his daily toilet, more than daily, indeed! Precisely because he licks himself so often, it is good to intervene to prevent him from swallowing hair and from forming in his stomach hairballs with serious consequences for health. Even the skin remains healthier if we know how to brush a cat and we do it frequently.

The rough language of the cats has small, soft hooks perfect for capturing dead skin residues but somewhat harmful due to the fact that they collect hair and lead the cat to ingest it. Hairballs can cause digestive problems, stomach acid but also bowel obstructions.

How to brush a long-haired cat

When the the cat's coat is particularly thick and the long hair, brushing a cat is a real undertaking and at the same time it is more necessary than ever. The long-haired specimens, in fact, require more frequent and careful cleaning, sometimes even longer to carry out.

Better to start with a wide-toothed comb, useful for the slight curls that some cats show off, then you can untie the knots but gently, especially in areas such as the belly, legs and back. Let's keep it last, the back, because it is the most demanding since there is the most abundant hair.

Finished of brush a cat long-haired it is advisable to caress it with a rubber glove to eliminate residues, then caress it without a glove, rewarding it for patience.

How to brush a short-haired cat

Self we learned how to brush a cat with long, thick hair, doing it with a short-haired one is a breeze. Once a week is enough, first with a plastic comb, with rounded teeth, then with the classic rubber glove.

How to brush a cat against the grain

You never brush a cat against the grain but starting from the head or if anything from the neck to the tail. There are various techniques to eliminate dead hair and promote oxygenation of the skin, but the counter-hair is somewhat unwelcome by 99% of felines. Better instead they accept brushing, absolutely necessary at the moment of the change, during the seasons.

Two main ones: towards spring and autumn. The first, to prepare for summer, needs a pass to the hair every 5 days, on the other hand, when you switch from summer coat to winter coat, between September and October, the problem is only to avoid knots and itching but the coat becomes thicker and does not create major problems.

How to brush a rebellious cat

When a cat refuses to be brushed, it is necessary to try to do not take it head on but at the same time do not give up this habit. It is not a question of aesthetics, as it may seem to the rebellious cat in question, but of health. It is a bit like when it comes to giving a cat a pill: patience and cunning.

How to brush a cat: tips

It can occur to us. If we are going to brush a cat, we use chemicals. With all the good intentions of loving owners, we may instead create inflammation. Deodorants, dry shampoos, antistatic products, can "poison" our cat who notoriously has the "vice" of licking himself, ingesting what's on his hair, automatically.

Instead, it is highly recommended to use one high quality brush. There are several on the market, available for purchase online for 16 euros conveniently on Amazon or in pet stores by asking your vet for advice to identify the one best suited to the coat of our meowing friend.

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