How to recycle glass

How to recycle glass

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How to recycle glass at homeor with separate collection. What is obtained from recycled glass.

Why do the separate collection of glass

In Italy, the glass industries they produce over one million tons of glass every year. Using the used glass, derived from the recycling, you would have the opportunity to save on energy and the raw materials that compose it.

The glass it can be reused for an unlimited number of times. Even if we are not talking about a polluting material, yours recycling it can help reduce the environmental footprint. This is demonstrated by the fact that it takes 136 liters less oil to melt a ton of glass than to process the raw material.

How to do the separate collection of glass

To be able to reuse it, it is essential to carefully separate the glass. Need differentiate glass at home, at school and at work. Jars, bottles and carafes are the main ones glass objects that we can to recycleand confer with the recycling.

To differentiate the glass we can take advantage of the door-to-port collection (where it is available) or the bells.

Differentiate the glass with the collection bells

The container for the collection of “multi-material”, ie glass, plastic and cans, is a green street bell. THE glass waste they must be placed without content and always inside the bells.

Waste must be disposed of carefully: incompatible material placed in the bells can compromise the quality of the collected material.

Door-to-door separate collection

Respecting the collection calendar, when the service is "door to door" is active, it is possible to give glass jars and bottles.

When giving out bottles and jars, there is no need to eliminate labels or other accessories that don't come off. Just remove everything that is easily removable such as caps and collars.

For all the details:what goes into the glass collection

What is not thrown into the glass collection

A single fragment of ceramic, mixed with the glass ready in the kiln, is enough to frustrate the recycling process, giving rise to containers destined irreparably to break. But what are the products that can be recycled into glass?

There are materials that look like glass, but they are not glass, as in the case of glass ceramic (pyrex), whose absolute transparency deceives the most experienced eye.

Glass containers must never be thrown into separate glass collection. The glass containers used in the kitchen, in fact, are made with a thermo-resistant material different from the glass suitable for recycling.

They should not be thrown in the separate glass collection, even the bottles and crystal glasses, ceramic objects such as cups and mugs, plates and crockery, pyrex crockery, (while presenting the transparency of glass, they are ceramic products). Still, don't throw yourself in glass collection large surfaces such as windows, glass shelves, mirrors, light bulbs, TV screens and glass packages of used drugs.

How to recycle glass at home: creative recycling of bottles and jars

At home it is not possible to initiate processes for the recovery of raw materials ... however it is possiblerecycle glass bottles and jarscreatively. It's possiblerecycle glass bottlesto transform them into splendid abasciur or highly original glasses.

A limit, inrecycling of glass at home it is imposed by the cut. Unlike wood or fabric, theglassit is more difficult tocut in the housebut not impossible.

What does it take to cut a glass bottle for the creative recycling of this material?

  • Acetone
    ethyl alcohol or acetone you use to remove the enamel is also fine.
  • String
    a string with a diameter of a few millimeters will do.
  • Matches
    you can also use a lighter.
  • Container to be filled with frozen water and ice
    the container must be large enough to house the bottle.
  • Bottle
    Any glass bottle to recycle.
  • Sandpaper
    you will need sandpaper of different grit.
  • Base with tip for glass cutting

First, cut the bottle by scratching it with a tip for the glass.For cutting glass at homeyou can use a tool consisting of a base, a glass cutter tip and joints to anchor the bottles.

These tools, generally, have a plastic base but to preserve their use we recommend that you choose them in metal. Among the market proposals we point out, the tool for cutting glass bottles is offered at a price of € 32.99 with free shipping costs.

After scratching the glass, knot the string impregnated with acetone in correspondence with the lining. With a match, set the wire on fire making sure to stay far enough away from the flame.

At this stage I advise you to take all safety measures so that this DIY can be done without risk.

Rotate the bottle so that the flame and heat are distributed evenly on each side.

Let it burn for at least 15 seconds and then quickly immerse the bottle in the container with water and ice. Repeat this procedure until the bottle is cut exactly near the cut made with the glass cutting machine.

With sandpaper, sand along the edges of the bottle until they are smooth and not sharp. Use a very fine sandpaper if you intend to turn the bottle into a glass.

We recommend the use of a glass cutter tip with a base so as to guide the cut accurately, along the entire circumference of the bottle.

Earn money by recycling glass

Before being recycled, the glass is subjected to numerous checks to eliminate the different "impurity" which contains. We are talking about paper, plastics, ceramic materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials. Anyone who thinks of recycling glass in person, transforming it into a secondary raw material, should have a foundry and several very expensive industrial machinery.

On the other hand, those who want to collect glass (bottles and jars) to resell them must know that brown glass is the glass that allows the highest profit margins. Yeah, to optimize theseparate collection of glassthis material should be collected by color. White and green glass have a smaller market. All information about the collection and recycling of glass to generate revenue is available in the articles:

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