Photovoltaic management

Photovoltaic management

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Photovoltaic management, important if you want take advantage of all the benefits of this increasingly widespread choice. Let's explore better not only the reasons to take care of it but also the ways and possibilities we have as owners or future owners of photovoltaics.

Photovoltaic management: what is it for

When we talk about photovoltaic management we aim to optimize its effects. So we want to act with the aim of increasing the performance of our plant. First, therefore, it will be fundamental monitor carefully but also with full knowledge of the facts, the performance so as to invest time and energy in an intelligent way.

What to look out for is how much energy a good one is photovoltaic management can provide us to meet our consumption and, secondly, for placing on the grid. This corresponds to the two factors that ultimately determine the fact that whether or not our investment is within an acceptable period of time: self-consumption and transfer of energy to the grid.

DIY photovoltaic management

Nothing changes if we proceed in mode "do-it-yourself", the two cornerstones of photovoltaic management remain self-consumption and energy transfer to evaluate the energy efficiency for the system and understand how to use it intelligently by optimizing the energy of the home.

There photovoltaic management must first of all reduce the energy costs in the bill and it is essential, because a system installed but used in a non-strategic way does not do magic, indeed, it is a unseemly investment that we will long regret never seeing him return.

To manage it well you need a energy efficiency system in a self-consumption regime that allows us to directly consume the energy coming from our roof. There are examples of "smart home" in the province of Pordenone, where the photovoltaic management is made by a system designed ad hoc alongside the system in order to ensure, in addition to a more sustainable and green home, also a energy optimization and a consequent and essential economic saving.

Today it is possible and even recommended, for one DIY photovoltaic management, equip themselves with existing devices on the market, designed to control the consumption and energy production of the home.

Photovoltaic management: load control

Do it yourself or fairy by others, the photovoltaic management it must include two essential activities. The constant monitoring of photovoltaic production and the increase in plant performance. They are the bases from which to start and never lose sight of even when you want to innovate and experiment with possible new photovoltaic management device.

That's because every kilowatt hour that's for one bad management of the system, we are unable to produce, it is "lost" in terms of "savings in the bill" and results as a cost in the bill. If we do not lose it and we can produce energy by consuming it and / or by ourselves putting it on the network, we will return more quickly fromphotovoltaic investment also thanks to the refund mechanism of the exchange on the spot.

Photovoltaic management: control unit

There photovoltaic management it can be easily carried out using devices also called “optimizers”. Let's not imagine big dimensions: they are small plastic boxes which are applied right on the back of each panel, have an electronic card inside that transmits the production data of each single module to a control unit.

It can do this wirelessly and in real time. Always the same device also serves for act dynamically on current and voltage to ensure that the efficiency is always optimal.

There control unit and the connected optimizers can get to give us a photovoltaic management that increases the yield by up to 25% also identifying, in case of damage or malfunctions, in which panel this occurred.

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