Poisonous animals in Italy and in the world

Poisonous animals in Italy and in the world

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Poisonous animals, in Italy and in the world: there are many and it is not just the classic reptiles that scare us so much. Exist poisonous animals even in an unexpected way, it is better to know them, to stay away from them. Lethal to humans or to our pets. Alongside the snakes, they also sprout innocent-looking frogs, even nice, but classified as poisonous animals. Another commonplace about poisonous animals is their location: there are also many in Italy and not only in distant countries covered with wild forests or deserts threateningly "deserted".

Poisonous animals in Italy

Scorpions, bees, wasps, hornets, the processionary note, the fascinating jellyfish: poisonous animals are not lacking in the beautiful country, let's see which are in the different categories with a focus on Sardinia that they seem to like in a particular way.

There are 4 species of poisonous vipers 3 of which are potentially lethal for humans and we can find them everywhere except on the islands: there is the Common Viper (or Vipera aspis), the Vipera dell'Orsini (or Vipera ursini), the Marasso (or Vipera Berus), and the Horned Viper (or Vipera ammodytes).

There are "only" two spiders - the Malmignatta and the violin Spider - and we can move on to fish that are poisonous animals also for humans. We find in this category the puffer fish, the dragon weever, the red scorpion fish and the priest fish. In the water there are also other creatures that are not fish but are in effect poisonous animals. The Portuguese Caravel, of all, is the best known. Of all these animals, in Sardinia we find the Malmignatta and the violin spider, the Tracina, the Puffer fish and the Redfish.

Poisonous animals around the world

Crossing the borders of our Italy we find other interesting poisonous species, from which to stay away but to know. We have already talked about the puffer fish, although this animal seems harmless, it contains a neurotoxin called tetradotoxin that by affecting the respiratory system, it can cause almost instant death. It is no coincidence that i Japanese who eat it are seen as extremely courageous.

We have mentioned the presence of frogs among the poisonous animalsHere is an example, the dart frog, just 2.5 cm large and colorful but able to literally launch small poison darts that kill almost 10 people at the same time.

The Taipan it is instead a snake, we find it in Australia and it has very different dimensions: it is 3 meters long and its venom is 50 times more powerful than the venom of a common cobra.

Next to the puffer we can find, in the Red Sea and the Pacific, the stone fish. Let's not be fooled by its squat appearance and large clumsy fins: it has as many as 14 spines on its dorsal fin that secrete milky venom. Among poisonous animals An unsuspected snail also appears, the conical-shelled snail, with a poison that causes numbness, loss of vision and muscle paralysis.

In addition to Blue-ringed octopus, small but with a deadly poison for humans, we also find the King Cobra in the world. He wins the prize for the most dangerous snake since, 6 meters long, he kills an elephant with a single bite.

Poisonous animals: insects

Insects are often scary. There are harmless ones, maybe just a little ugly, but there are also some dangerous ones, for us and for other animals. An example is the wandering spider of Brazil: with only 0.006 grams of its venom it kills a rat and provokes cardio-respiratory paralysis. It is called viagra spider, because it causes a long and painful erection in men.

The scorpion is always a bit scary but the most poisonous of all is the yellow one, the "Death Stalker", capable of damaging the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Poisonous animals: ranking

To make a ranking of the most poisonous animals in the world it is necessary to read up and behold a box specially designed to do it together with the little ones. Thanks to the approach inspired by the Montessori method, this little book intrigues young and old by providing simple but correct information on nomenclatures and specific characteristics through papers and cards full of curiosities about over 50 different animals.

Extinct poisonous animals

Yes, even poisonous animals go extinct. There would be many cases to mention but one for all is that of first poisonous animal in history, a reptile the size of a dog, called Euchambersia. We have to go back 260 million years to meet him but he was recently theSouth African University of Witwatersrand to find out by telling us that he injected poison into prey with needle-like grooves placed in his teeth. It is appropriate to say: "luckily it is extinct".

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