Six degrees of separation

Six degrees of separation

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Six degrees of separation between us and the rest of the world. Realizing this can be scary or relieving, it depends on who we mean for the rest of the world and how well we are able to bypass the "separations". Deepen the theory of six degrees of separation, maybe even watching the film with the same title, it can change our life, for better or for worse, it's up to us.

Six Degrees of Separation: Meaning

When we talk about the theory of the six degrees of separation, we want to emphasize the fact that each of us is connected to any other person on earth with a maximum number of five intermediaries. This only through their own knowledge, real, not by hearsay or by theoretical affinity.

This affirmation can mean salvation for all those who feel alone or who feel that they cannot succeed in creating a good round of friends even if they want to. Instead of standing still, bent over, thoughtful and leathery, thinking that we will never meet someone who has our tastes, with the theory of the six degrees of separation we know that the other is not that unattainable! With some reasonable effort we can explore a good chunk of the nearly 7 billion people that populate the earth today.

Six degrees of separation: theory

As mentioned, it is a theory that concerns our social situation and the people around us. It is not an urban legend or a way of saying, to be accompanied with a pat on the back: when it speaks of six, it is six degrees of separation, not one more, a mathematically proven claim is made.

Self each individual in fact knows 100 people and each of these people knows 100 others, in two steps we already have a network that covers 10,000 contacts and so on. With a total of six steps, we reach 1,000 billion people: there are fewer in the world!

In order not to be idle we can send an email to someone we don't know but of which we know name, profession and geographical area of ​​belonging and with a kind of human anti-separation chain we will reach people like us with a consistent and natural word of mouth of no more than six steps.

Six degrees of film separation

The theory of six degrees of separation has had a boom, it must be recognized, thanks to the film that bears this title. The story actually comes from a theatrical comedy by John Guare which in turn was inspired by an episode in the life of con artist David Hampton. The film as well as present excellently the story, in an effective and intelligent way, is played with style in fact playing Ouisa Kittredge, Stockard Channing received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

Six degrees of separation: sentences

It was an experience, I will not turn it into an anecdote ...
He was so poor he didn't even own his filth.
So I'm a collage of senseless brushstrokes, I'm a random color ..
money is the only commodity that is always available

Six Degrees of Separation: Advice

Listening to the theory of six degrees of separation and watching the film of the same name, you shouldn't have strange ideas. What is claimed refers to actual knowledge so we must not consult random people, neither in real life nor in virtual life.

When we talk about this theory we do it not so much to meet random people, just for the sake of exchanging a few words, but to realize that the world is smaller than we imagine. It is always important to reaffirm and celebrate the value of friendship, which is very different from mere knowledge, and it helps us to do so Luis Sepulveda with his Friendship Trilogy.

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