Gardening tools: names and prices

Gardening tools: names and prices

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Gardening tools, to be chosen well, avoiding all the "magic wands" that are said to be the solution to our every inability, avoiding scams and "crap" but choosing those that embody the reasonable compromise between quality and price. The green thumb isn't everything, it is important but it must be accompanied by a set of gardening tools that makes the green really shine. And if you really believe you don't have a green thumb, you can always rely on gardening firms.

Gardening tools: hoe

"Go hoeing" is often used as derogatory but I challenge those who say it to be serious about this operation and to do it well. It is by no means trivial as it is not identifying the hoe that's right for us. We can find and try one with a square tip and bident, a comfortable wooden handle. Its price on Amazon is 16.60 euros.

gardening tools: shovel

Even the shovel is one of those gardening tools that seems easy to choose and instead… instead when you are in front of a dozen types of shovel, how do you do it? I recommend a carbon steel headed garden spade, a lot resistant because it is heat treated.

It also has a coating so that it does not get damaged with rust, scratches, moisture and alkaline substances that abound in the soil. The shaft is in lacquered ash and the shape of the handle, in propylene, is ergonomic, therefore very comfortable. On Amazon we find it at € 16.74.

Gardening tools: rake

The rake must be practical and resistant, nothing complicated and expensive, this is enough from 7 euros available on Amazon and extremely effective.

Gardening tools: scissors

The scissors, often underestimated among all gardening tools, on the other hand, they are important because they are very different from those we use for other purposes, at home. The garden ones must have a soft handle and titanium blades. These, from 20 cm, they cut almost everything, they can be used with the right or left hand, they remain sharp for over 100,000 cuts. On Amazon a double pack costs 9.99 euros.

Gardening tools: billhook

Among the various that we can buy, if our thumb is medium green, the one that's right for us is a 27 cm billhook, in forged steel, with a comfortable leather handle. On Amazon we find it at 22.38 euros.

Gardening tools: brush cutter

It is by no means the most trivial to buy, this, among the real gardening tools. We can opt for this petrol engine brushcutter with a nominal power of 750 W. It has a cutting capacity of Ø 380 mm and on Amazon it can be purchased at a price of 99.90 euros.

Gardening tools: watering barrel

Twenty meters of reed to water can be enough for us create a garden as we wish. Complete with accessories, lance and kit of fittings to make the various connections that are useful, this online hose on Amazon it costs 15.94 euros.

Gardening tools: dry leaf blower

This makes you think a little about autumn gardening tool, but it's really useful. We would regret it if we didn't have it. A compromise not to get too sad, is to buy a portable one, with electronic ignition and a horizontal range of 5 meters. On Amazon we find it at the price of 190 euros.

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