Racing Bike, Cycling and Mtb Glasses: the most famous brands and eyewear brands

Racing Bike, Cycling and Mtb Glasses: the most famous brands and eyewear brands

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Bike and Cycling Glasses: guide and best models. The sports glasses in use for cycling are one fundamental shield against rays UV (ultra violet), UVA and UVB, protect besides the eyes from insects and dirt, dust in the first place, which can be raised from the road / ground and from the vehicles that circulate on it.

The commercial offer within the cycling clothing sections is very wide and varies according to need and in particular to quality of lenses and frames. Obviously, the improvements in the use of materials (both frames and lenses) have increasingly made bicycle glasses more and more stylish objects with more varied shapes and chrome plating but remember that we must never forget the main use for which they were built. .

And that's why I'm writing one for you mini guide on cycling glasses which I hope will be of help in identifying the models and types most suitable for your daily needs.

Just like the size of the bike (and tires), the choice of bike helmet , shoes and cycle computers, having awareness and knowledge of the products can help increase the pleasure of cycling without putting our and others' safety at risk; this is why it is always good to choose and orient yourself on certified products.

In this compendium I will try to dispel the main doubts about sports eyewear for cycling and the bike in general:

Cycling glasses: what they protect from in summer but also in autumn / winter

Unlike what one might think, bicycle glasses they don't just protect you from the sun and from the harmful rays deriving from it acting as a partial screen; they are indeed a useful screen against insects, gravel and any material can creep into your eyes causing temporary damage and not to sight that prevent you from seeing and driving safely, especially su rough terrain but also downhill with regard to road cycling, for example.

In winter the cycling glasses are an excellent antidote against cold and wind allowing you to practice your activity in maximum comfort; it is clear why therefore the vast majority of models on the market today are enveloping in character as for the frame. It is a question of function of use that over time has also become a need for style.

Interchangeable polarized and photochromic lenses

There lens quality is the main aspect to take into consideration whether you have problems or drops in sight or if you have the canonical ten-tenths and want to better manage the light, fogging, climate changes you encounter during your daily "outings" on your means you want to go to work, you want for pleasure and you also want for competitions if you are budding agonists.

Essentially on the market we find two types of lenses for sports glassesi and therefore also for cycling: the models with interchangeable polarized lenses and the photochromic lenses.

The cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses they are sold with different types of lenses of different colors and shades, even up to 6: dark lenses (gray or brown) for managing the sun's rays and reflections in the moments of maximum irradiation of the visual field; pink / orange lenses of various shades ideal for the management of contrasts and finally very clear lenses ideal for low-light days or even for days of bad weather in which the protection of the eyes from rain and atmospheric agents is important.

Then there are the photochromic lenses, which substantially through a chemical reaction change color according to climatic changes and above all according to different lighting conditions, guaranteeing comfort in all situations and without the need to change lenses.

For both interchangeable and photochromic models, the higher quality products feature coatings on the lenses that amplify ventilation and prevent fogging of the lenses resulting from sweating of the body (which tends to concentrate in the upper parts of the body). Other characteristics of the models of excellent workmanship is the presence of patents water repellent, dustproof and scratchproof .

The importance of the strength of the lenses and the frame

If you are a “barbarian” like myself, you will appreciate the following qualities of the models on the market: first of all the various ones lens replacement technologies, which is not trivial because especially a few years ago to replace them you had to be blacksmiths; in addition to replacing and releasing the lenses on cycling glasses, the frame is very important: the most extreme road glasses tend to extend the field of view on the upper part of the face to always have a correct and circular view of the path. Again with regard to the frame nose pads and temples they can be of different qualities and heaviness: there are models with adjustable nose pads for the face while the temples can be more or less light and rotatable depending on the construction material (carbon, polycarbonate [the same as helmets to be clear], highly resistant thermoplastic materials to impacts ideal especially for those who practice more extreme disciplines or simply off-road).

Cycling glasses for bikes and Mtb: models with optical lens clips

Today, many enthusiasts who also have more or less acute vision problems approach safely the sport of bicycles: for these sportsmen who wear prescription lenses or contact lenses in everyday life, the houses have created lines of sports optical frames, and sports eyewear with internal view clip. For these models it is very important to evaluate how much the mix between frame and internal clip is able to return in terms of field of view. The choice of an “anti-fog” model also becomes crucial. As for the lenses, however, it is important to choose a model that manages the contrasts and light shadow areas well. Compared to traditional models, it is also necessary to evaluate the weight and internal stability of the same clip seen so that it does not excessively affect comfort and performance.

The biker's opinion: bicycle glasses with polarized or photochromic lenses?

I would not like to be taken for granted in giving you the answer but mine is simply: It depends

But it depends on what? I'll give you an example to clarify: I grew up on Lake Maggiore and I work allowing my outings (on a racing bike the specific in the order of 2 or 4 hours depending on the year) always have a similar scenario which means that I am often surrounded by more or less strong light reflections that often reverberate on the asphalt and on the water mirrors of which I am surrounded.

This is why my 3 pairs of glasses (Briko, Rudy Project and Salice) are polarized even if I recognize that in winter I would probably need photochromic glasses to adapt to median solutions and also to see better in some stretches with vegetation and asphalt let's say so disconnected.

The defect of the polarized ones is in fact that often and willingly one gets lost in the depth of the obstacles therefore for example the holes could be perceived less deep than they actually are.

Personally, I have no vision problems but a lot of "tearing" due to a birth defect in my left eye which is very sensitive to light and cold air; the polarized ones with very enveloping frames protect me a lot and I prefer them. As for the frame, I have some Salice that are objectively more stylish but that are perhaps too light and jump into my head; my Briko are certainly less extreme but they jump less in my head during jolts; moreover, their rigidity allows them to stay on the slits of the helmet without fear of losing them on the climb. So you understand well how dependent is a must; the important thing is that the glasses respect your visual and use needs.

Those who want and can afford more pairs depending on the use can prefer chromatic photos for short trips and especially in the metropolitan environment while they can prefer polarized ones at certain times of the year to manage the most extreme light conditions and sudden changes of light that for example, they find it hard to absorb color photos all of a sudden.

Finally, those who are passionate about cycling at the time know how the good Fausto Coppi always wore dark glasses because he had problems generated precisely by exposure to the sun and by the roads of the time that did not have asphalt. So already since the 40s if not before you understand well how the problem was perceived even if the solutions were still artisanal, ranging from masks to very dark and thick glasses.

Cycling sunglasses: best brands and models for racing bikes and / or mtb

Below I propose a series of brands of cycling glasses among the most reliable that you can buy online on Amazon, the e-commerce site where you can also buy numerous e-bikes of the types I told you about in this article at excellent prices and with the usual "satisfied or refunded" guarantee. By following the links you will find an abundant assortment ofcycling glasses of different brands and types (racing bike, trekking, city or mountain bike) so that you can evaluate the individual product sheets with all the features and prices.

  • Oakley cycling glasses : The Oakley brand, founded in 1975 and acquired by Luxottica in 2007, is one of the most important names in sports eyewear that world-class athletes rely on to compete at the highest levels. Oakley, owner of over 750 patents, is known for its lens technology, most notably the High Definition Optics® (HDO®) patent. Prices starting from 60 euros.

Oakley Sunglasses Radar EV

  • Salice cycling glasses: Salice produces Made in Italy sports goggles and ski goggles to offer a quality product for sport and for those who practice outdoor activities. Prices starting from 40 euros.

Salice 016 RW Green Blue Sunglasses

  • Rudy Project Cycling Glasses: A complete catalog of bike eyewear and hi-tech solutions for the Pro world of both road and MTB bikes. Prices starting from 55 euros

Rudy Project Magster Glasses, Racing White G. ImpX 2 Red

  • Shimano Cycling Glasses: here are the sports eyewear solutions from the experience of the Japanese company that mainly produces items for bicycles and fishing. Prices starting from 30 euros.

Shimano Tiagra II Polished Goggles

  • Bertoni cycling glasses
  • Swiss Eye cycling glasses

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