Magnolia stellata: varieties and price

Magnolia stellata: varieties and price

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Starry magnolia, a shrub that grows slowly but gives great satisfaction. It has a special flower, which looks fragile but is actually powerful and particularly beautiful, appreciated everywhere. This plant belonging to the Magnoliaceae family, his homeland is that ofisland of Honsu. Those who go to visit it can find many spontaneous shrubs of magnolia to be immortalized.

Magnolia stellata rosea

It blooms early, this shrub, and it does so in both pink and white. When it is pink it is a pale pink but that respects the characteristic shape of the flower, the one that motivates the name of starry magnolia. THE first flowers appear between March and April, when I'm pink, we talk about rosy star magnolia, but if the color is particularly intense, then we are in the presence of the variety called "Rubra".

White starry magnolia

If it's not rosy and it's not rubra, then the starry magnolia is white. Beyond the tints of the flowers, the rest of the characteristics remain unchanged and we will have deciduous leaves, with oval or elliptical shape, about ten centimeters long and five wide, with a smooth edge and an intense green color that becomes yellow - bronze in autumn, before their fall.

Magnolia stellata: height

This shrub can also reach high heights even if it is often found in gardens a couple of meters high. It clearly depends on the climate in which it grows, in general it likes to be in bright and sunny locations.

The cold does not particularly damage the starry magnolia, it also tolerates frosts if not particularly "bad". But if we want to make sure that our plant grows without being disturbed by the winter season we can cover his foot with straw or pine bark.

In Italy it grows well in the pre-alpine areas, better if we water it abundantly in its first year of life and then keep a rhythm of a couple of times a week. Sub-acid soil, some fertilization at the end of winter pruning to fix the shape at the end of flowering, and our starry magnolia will enjoy excellent health. It is also better to avoid that it is too much in the sun and that the buds freeze if too cold.

Magnolia stellata: bonsai

In bonsai format this plant certainly does not lose its charmindeed, it manages to enter the homes, as well as the hearts, of those who do not have a garden in which to keep a specimen of standard size. In the bonsai version, the star magnolia is particularly appreciated because maintains its harmony in shapes and colors.

The trunk is irregular, with gray and smooth bark, the crown and the single leaves are similar to those of the "standard" magnolia. To keep this bonsai healthy it is best arrange it outdoors, in the sun, watering it abundantly especially in summer. Insects do not often attack the starry magnolia but it is better to prevent with special treatments and get rid of the thought.

Magnolia stellata: price

Clearly it depends on the size of the plant we want to buy but a specimen of modest size that we can continue to grow in our garden, online is also available for € 16.80.

Magnolia stellata: photo

Seeing the results of those who, with a green thumb and devotion, did magnolia bloom, we will immediately succumb to the temptation of emulation by buying one all for ourselves.White or pink?

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