How to sow basil

How to sow basil

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How to sow basil: instructions onsowingand thecultivation of basil. Seed collection, germination and planting of already developed seedlings. Needs and care to be given to the plant. Diseases of basil, how to cure basil with yellow leaves.

The basil it is among the most used aromatic herbs in Italian cuisine. The basilhas Asian origins and its culinary use, in Europe, is delegated to the Italian peninsula. In Asia, the basilit is used in the preparation of many recipes in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

The basil it should be eaten fresh, only in this way it is possible to exploit all its aroma. To always have it fresh, we should dedicate a corner of the garden or terrace to cultivate it. For the cultivation of basil, choose a sunny space.

How to sow basil

There sowing basilit is a simple practice to do; it will be enough to follow some indications to avoid parasitic attacks or diseases. Here how to sow basil to always have it fresh in the kitchen.

Sowing period and climate

The first thing to take into account before sow basil it's the climate. When to sow basil? The best time for sowing falls in late spring, when the frosts are over.

Exception made in case of sowing in a protected environment. Who sow basilin a sheltered place it can bring forward the sowing period by a couple of months. In the south it is possible to sow towards the end of January, in a protected environment, in the north it is better to wait mid - end of February.

Where to grow basil in your home or garden

The place of planting is also important. The basil plant needs sun for at least 6-8 hours a day. In case of cultivation on the terrace, make sure that the pots are in a sunny but not windy area.

At home, choose a window sill that is nice and sunny and, again, away from drafts. Be careful not to let the basil leaves come into contact with the window pane… they could burn!

Land suitable for the cultivation of basil

In order to enjoy a good basil,it is necessary to do a good preliminary work. Those who sow in the open field must carry out a deep dig and incorporate organic fertilizer (compost, manure, mature manure…).

For those who sow and cultivate the basil in pots, it will be necessary to choose a soft soil for sowing while for the planting of the seedlings a universal soil enriched with good compost will suffice.

The day before the sowing, wet the soil so that it is humid when it hosts the seeds, but being careful not to create stagnant water.

Sowing basil

The seeds should be placed in the ground spaced at least 8 cm and covered with a few millimeters of soil. Broadcast sowers will have to carry out a rich thinning job. Broadcast sowing and then superficially raked to bury the seeds.

After a week, the first shoots should appear. As the seedlings grow, proceed with thinning, eliminating the seedlings with weaker leaves to favor the growth of plants of basilmore robust.

How to grow basil, care

Once the basil plants have grown, remove the flowers whenever they form, to give the plants a chance to generate new leaves. The topping of basil plants is necessary so as not to steal energy from the plant. In practice, with flowering, the plant will devote energy to the development of the seeds, penalizing the formation of the leaves, which are more useful in the kitchen.

From sowing to harvest, make sure that the plants have the right amount of water. Given its full sun exposure, basil should be watered every day, better after sunset. For the cultivation of basil in pots the soil must always be moist, paying attention to water stagnation. Irrigation should only be done on the ground, therefore avoid wetting the plant.

Where to buy basil seeds

THE basil seeds they can be purchased in malls specializing in gardening products or simply purchased online. On Amazon, for example, you can buy a bag of basil seeds that are perfect for flavoring or to create an excellent pesto, by choosing the bag offered by "the gardener in the kitchen" which has received excellent reviews from users who have purchased it.

On the back you will also find useful tips for growing your basil in the best possible way as well as recipes for using it in the kitchen. here is the link to the page where you will find more information and the photo of the envelope.

How to collect basil seeds

Those who decide to collect and store basil seeds for sowing the following year will have to select the most robust and vigorous seedlings so as to let them bloom without cutting them. Plants intended for seed production must be healthy. Check them periodically especially in the period preceding flowering. For all instructions:how to collect basil seeds

Basil with yellow leaves

If your basil plant has yellow or white leaves, the limestone contained in the water is most likely the culprit. The causes could also be other diseases, for all the treatments and solutions, the guide is availableBasil with yellow leaves.

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