Plant geraniums in open ground or in pots

Plant geraniums in open ground or in pots

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Plant geraniums in open ground or in pots. Instructions for the care and cultivation of geraniums in the ground or in pots. From planting to multiplication of geranium by cutting.

When planting geraniums

The best period for planting geraniums, both in pots and in the garden, falls in spring.

Planting geraniums in the open ground

Not everyone can grow geraniums in the open ground. Only those who live in Southern Italy, in areas that are mild all year round on average, can plant geraniums in the open ground. Geraniums suffer with temperatures constantly below 3 ° C. For planting in the garden, in the open ground, choose the varieties best suited to your climatic zone.

The geraniums to be planted in the open ground are like thatGeranium. These plants differ from the most well-knownpelargoniumbecause they have a flower with five identical petals. Pelargoniums, on the other hand, have petals of two types, carried on the same flower.

Planting geraniums in pots

Growing geraniums in pots is very popular in areas with very windy and freezing winters. In fact, in late autumn, with the first seasonal frosts, it will be necessary to move the geranium plants to a sheltered position. For the cultivation of geraniums in pots, we invite you to visit the page dedicated to geranium in pots. In this article we will focus oncultivation of geraniums in the garden, with planting in the open ground.

The right location for growing geraniums in the garden

When planting geraniums, consider that these plants need constant sun exposure. However, in Southern Italy, in those areas where temperatures easily exceed 30 ° C, it is good to orient thecultivation of geraniumsto the Southeast.

With temperatures above 30 ° C, buds and flowers need to be protected, for this reason, the exposure to the south-east is the best.

Geraniums prefer well-ventilated but not excessively ventilated areas. The wind, in fact, risks dehydrating the plants.

Because geranium does not bloom

Avoidgrow geraniumsin more shaded areas. Maybe the geraniums do not die but, with little sun, many leaves and very few flowers develop. THEgeraniums that do not flower they are probably exposed to a constant light deficit.

Planting of geraniums in the garden

We have already given you many instructions on how to transplant geraniums. Thetransplanting geraniums in the gardenit must be performed in holes 20-25 cm deep. Avoid a greater depth as it could cause the root system to rot and wither the plant.

The width of the implantation hole must be double the diameter of the vessel purchased.

To whatdistancethey goplanted geraniums? The distance of the plant must be about 60 cm between one plant and another.

The soil suitable for growing geraniums

The substrate also needs care! Actually igeraniumsthey are not very demanding but the soil of your garden should not be too sandy or stony. Excessively clayey or heavy soils are also not suitable.

The best ground forgrow geraniumsit should be light, well drained and with a good degree of porosity. If necessary, incorporate clay and peat into the garden soil.

If yoursgeraniums die, perhaps the soil is poorly draining. The roots of the geranium they are sensitive to root rot dictated by water stagnation.

The land for thecultivation of geranium in the gardenit must not be too acidic. If you previously had acidophilic plants in the same bed, enrich the soil with calcium carbonate.

Multiplication of geraniums

THEgeraniums Yes they canmultiplyeasily by cuttings, without the need to use any rooting hormone. For all the instructions, please read the guide contained in the article "Geranium cutting".

Geranium is appreciated for its flowers but also for the properties of its plant parts. For all the details: geranium essential oil.

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