Memory foam mattress: characteristics, strengths and weaknesses

Memory foam mattress: characteristics, strengths and weaknesses

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Memory Foam mattress, opinions and flaws. Things to consider before choosing a memory foam mattress. Comparison with latex and pocket spring mattresses.

THEMemory Foam mattresses seem to be the new frontier of night comfort. In this article we will talk aboutSoft Memory Foam mattressesanalyzing its strengths and weaknesses. We will bring you back the opinions from experts, advice on choice, market prices and all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of mattress.

Before seeing the opinions about theMemory Foam mattresses, we invite you to read the guidehow to choose a mattress.

Memory Foam, what it is

Thememory foamis none other thanpolyurethane, a polymeric material which in the mattresses it is found in two different ones compositions.

Explain how memory foam mattresses are made it is not at all simple, in fact, when we talk about this product, we refer to different types of polyurethane. Mainly, the models on the market are made with high resilience polyurethane (HR) foams and viscoelastic polyurethane (Memory Foam proper).

The meaning of the term memory foam refers both to the characteristics of the material (foam means foam) and to the characteristics of the finished product, summarized in the next paragraph.

Memory foam mattress, characteristics

All thememory foam mattressesthey are ergonomic, elastic and very resistant. Absolutely, the memory foam mattress is the one with a longer duration as explained in the article "how often to change mattress“.

The best models on the market are alsoanti-mite, antifungal and hypoallergenic. These models are strongly recommended for those suffering from asthma, allergies or other diseases related to dust, mites and fungi.

To ensure the bestfeatures, the soul ofMemory Foamit must be at least 18 - 20 cm thick with a structure density of 35-40 kg / m3. These characteristics can be verified on the label. Avoid choosingMemory foam mattresseswith a thinner thickness of 18 cm.

Polyurethane or Memory Foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are more advanced. In practice, thememory foamis the last frontier offoam mattresses. What differentiates memory foam from other foams is also the fact that it is heat sensitive. In practice, theMemory Foammanages to modify its rigidity based on the heat emanating from the body in contact with the surface.

For thischaracteristic, theMemory Foamit can adapt to the position assumed by the person, during the same night hours. It is the warmth and weight of a subject that allow themattressto adapt and take the shape of the body.

For this same reason, theMemory foam mattressit is not strongly recommended for those who have the habit of turning over in bed and changing positions frequently.

Altroconsumo has chosen Emma Original

Among the myriad of mattress models and brands out there, it is difficult to choose a good memory foam mattress. So you can rely on forums, blogs and above all various associations to buy the best product. Altroconsumo, the best known association for consumers in Italy, tests different types of mattresses every year to determine which is the best in the test. Over the past two years, the best mattress of the Altroconsumo test resulted Emma Original. This memory foam mattress scored high in resilience, durability, breathability and comfort, outperforming the competition. Furthermore, in addition to this prestigious award, Emma Original has won as many as 29 awards across Europe such as best mattress or best buy. For more information on the Emma Original mattress you can visit the manufacturer's website by following this link.

Memory foam mattresses: where to buy them

One of the best websites where you can purchase a memory foam mattress is where, in addition to finding dozens of models on offer at competitive prices, you will find a detailed purchase guide that will guide you in choosing the ideal mattress to meet your needs.

To find the perfect mattress, you can even carry out an online test: 15 questions to identify your profile (age, weight, preferred sleeping position, etc.) and identify the product that best suits your needs.

The section dedicated to Certifications that each mattress has and the one dedicated to Tax deductions: for example, the 19% deduction for mattresses with medical facilities, L'4% VAT for disabled people and the deduction equal to 50% on a spending limit of 10,000 relating to Furniture Bonus 2017.

Memory Foam mattress, defects and strengths

Let's start with the defects, it is known that imemory foam mattressesthey can retain heat. They have a highly insulating power and for these characteristics they are strongly recommended for those who live in mountain areas or in northern Italy.

To cushion the heat retention effect, we recommend the use of a suitable mattress protector.

Higher density models can cause movement difficulties. Those with severe motor difficulties should avoid thememory foam because it makes getting in and out of bed more difficult, also in consideration of the height of the mattress.

Those who want a perfectly firm mattress should turn their gaze to spring or pocket spring mattresses.

The memory foam mattressit is also not recommended for those suffering from night sweats because it tends to retain fluids.

We continue to analyze the pros and cons of memory foam. Once we have seen the defects, let's focus on what are the merits.

THEmemory foam mattressesthey are suitable for those who usually tend to find it difficult to find their ideal position. Relieves muscle tension and among the opinions of experts, it is recommended for those suffering from back pain, chronic fatigue and muscle pain due to incorrect posture.

Comparison between spring mattress, memory foam and latex

Better a latex mattress or a memory foam? Better a spring mattress or a memory foam?To answer these questions in detail, we advise you to read the comparisons and differences between the three types of mattress. In particular, we recommend reading the pages:

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