Meowing cat: what to do

Meowing cat: what to do

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Cat meowing because he's hungry or feels the need for pampering, or maybe because he is a bit old and wants to have his own polemical vein. Sometimes the cat that meows has its good reasons and it is important to understand them, other times it is a matter of character. So it's us who we have to get over it and love him anyway, living with this chatty feline side of his.

Of course, when we take a cat with us we must take that into account he won't be silent all day, that normal a meowing cat, if it is a Siamese, then, it is normal for it to chat a lot, even i felines crossbreeds with Siamese and other races often have abundant gab.

Cat meowing loudly

A cat that meows particularly loudly he doesn't necessarily do it to disturb us, out of spite, before labeling him as a nuisance let's try to understand if he has good reasons. Maybe he has some pain or discomfort, which can be cured, he wants to report to us, or he's hungry and we forgot to feed him. Or they want a snack to break up the afternoon by breaking the diet.

When it comes to hunger, the cat meows stands in front of the refrigerator or to the locker where he knows there are supplies of croquettes.

Cat always meowing

If a cat meows all the time, at any time and almost everywhere, it is difficult because it wants us to feed it. Most likely he wants to get our attention, to get pampered or to be watched. He wants us to spend a few minutes interacting with him, perhaps saying a few words to him.

Whether it's male or female, he may also be in heat, and then the verse that comes out is rather plaintive and does not focus on a particular period of the day.

Even diseases like hyperthyroidism or kidney failure, can lead the cat to meow more than normal, so it is better to check the vet if we have this suspicion, unless our cat is already over the years.

In this case, old age is the cause of the so much vocalize and there are not many remedies. However, there are some simple remedies that can decrease the frequency of meowing: we try to remove any source of stress and make the cat feel protected and not abandoned, let us calm him down in case of sudden noises and try to regulate his diet so that he does not find it difficult to digest.

Cat meowing at night

There are cases where the cat meowing does almost only at night. This can coincide with a house change and is explained by the fact that our pet has experienced stress or feels disoriented. Even when a new family member, or part, the meow is mainly at night, also accompanied by the elimination of faeces and urine where not appreciated.

Cat that does not meow

Saying how much a cat should meow is difficult, it doesn't exist a "dose" of vocalization neither prescribed nor recommended, each specimen shows a certain propensity for meowing, just like people for chatting. It is true, however, that if a cat never meows, the reason must be understood. He may have suffered a shock, or may have fallen ill, most likely nothing serious but better get him back to meow "in the right measure".

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