Synthetic grass in the garden

Synthetic grass in the garden

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Synthetic grass in the garden, to avoid that it is always ruined. But we find it above all on playgrounds or in those situations where a little green is needed but it is practically impossible to make it grow naturally. L'effect it is that of a satin artificial mantle, it is found, when it is very satin, also to cover the billiard tables, if instead it is less satin, as a sort of green carpet for cover interior environments. For exteriors, synthetic grass is even more grass and can be caressed like a lawn. Less magic, sure, but sometimes it's the best solution. Synthetic grass is among the most underrated alternatives to lawn.

Synthetic grass in the garden

The use ofsynthetic grass in a private garden it is often linked to the need to cover floor areas in an alternative way to tiles, gravel or other materials. This solution is used when, for example, there is a poor quality soil that does not allow the real lawn to grow lush.

It may also be that you don't have time to stay behind a real lawn, or you don't have that green thumb necessary for it to look worthy. And then thesynthetic grass saves life and appearances.

Among the best known varieties ed used for gardens, we have the one that most resembles a real lawn, is characterized by a straw root anchored directly to the ground. There top it is instead constituted by the turf, therefore from fibers made in polypropylene suitable for resisting the action of atmospheric agents and sunlight.

Green synthetic grass

There are various types of synthetic grass on the market, some have a greater environmental impact than others. Better to learn to distinguish them to understand under which circumstances they are preferable. There is the one made up of mats with low cloth or with a mantle at 14 mm, usually used when a surface has to be covered and there are no greener alternatives.

It looks a lot like a low pile or very short pile carpet, there are also some bizarre versions white, red, blue and even black. A little gloomy, but it can like or serve.

For sports fields, green is usually used but that ofsynthetic grass professional, also useful when you want to cover large green spaces because the mantle is longer and looks more like thereal grass. At home or in smaller rooms, it is possible to use even grass with a carpet effect, a very special fabric that on the one hand resists light, on the other it is also water-repellent and has no thicknesses difficult to manage.

Synthetic grass for outdoors

Synthetic grass for outdoors is one of the types of flooring that can be chosen as an alternative when it is necessary to give the idea of ​​a lawn but it is not possible to cultivate the real one.

For outdoor use the mantle with a thickness that goes from 4 to 12 mm, it depends on the context. In most cases it has a purely decorative function, on average it is around 6 or 7 mm. Only in the event that there is also the need to use the exterior for sporting events, a thickness of 20 to over 50 mm can also be envisaged.

Synthetic grass: prices

When looking for the'synthetic grass, it is found in the form of 2 m high rolls or in packs of 20 or 60 squares, sold per sqm. The cost depends on the type chosen, ranging from a low-pile mat from around ten euros per square meter to professional synthetic grass which can also have prices above 30 euros per square meter. On Amazon, for example, there is a roll of synthetic lawn for sale by the meter at 5 euros with a thickness of 7 mm, draining and made in Italy.

Synthetic grass and dogs

It is necessary to choose with extreme care of the synthetic lawn when dogs can come into contact with it. It must be of high quality, so as not to risk first of all replacing it every two by three because it is "bald".

The best material suitable for presence of dogs is polyethylene is the best material to make a quality synthetic lawn for dogs, which can give you a satisfactory result and which can last many years. In addition, we recommend that you only evaluate lawns with heights from 7 to 30mm since lawns that are too high are difficult to clean as well as being crushed more easily.

Synthetic grass: duration

L'synthetic grass it can also be chosen because it lasts longer than a classic lawn, does not know seasons and does not require too much dedication. sure it depends on resistance to the action of atmospheric agents and the sun's rays. The first failures are evident when thegrass fades: it is the beginning of the end.

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