Washing machine consumption: how to calculate it

Washing machine consumption: how to calculate it

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Washing machine consumption, a thought that appears at the first wash or at the first bill we have to pay. How often this appliance consumes considered energy-intensive? How to best manage it and cut costs without giving up the convenience of automatic laundry? The answers are constantly changing as new technologies are developed, but we begin to see what is possible to do today and what dream tomorrow.

Washing machine consumption: energy used

The data ENEA related to a luminaire in class A, of power equal to 2,000 Watts, used 4 times a week for washing at 60 ° C speak of a washing machine consumption of about 300 kWh per year. A little less than about 100 euros per year therefore, unless you take advantage of some cheaper free market offer for electricity that would allow us to reach around 60 euros per year.

Washing machine consumption class A

If the calculation was made considering a washing machine in class A, which is not taken for granted for everyone, let's try to repeat it for the class A +++. By proceeding in this way, we would obtain a saving of 25%, but obviously we must be in a position to initially invest in a more efficient appliance.

Low consumption washing machine

When we talk about a low consumption washing machine, we must think that, in addition to the classic characteristics of the category to which it belongs, it must also be able to guarantee a very effective centrifugation. This also in view of the winter season, and wanting the autumn one, in which most likely the clothes should also be dried as well as washed.

In fact, when we think about the consumption washing machine we must consider that if it is low but then requires a high consumption to dry what the appliance itself has washed, we are all over again. It is a mockery, or a mere illusion!

Conversely, if the laundry was spun in a washing machine with efficient spinning, then the dryer will consume almost 20% less electricity. In the land of the sun we can certainly hope that it will always shine high in the sky, making the presence ofdryer, but let's not for sure.

Average water consumption in the washing machine

Considerable progress has been made, especially lately, with regards to Washing machine consumption of water. Just think that in the past one of these appliances required 100-120 liters of water for each wash cycle while today only 40-50 liters for a capacity of 5kg.

In general we can consider that the Washing machine consumption electric and in water have a coordinated trend and this can be seen from the energy class. There is also another link between energy and water. In fact, if we use water at a lower temperature, the Washing machine consumption electricity decreases, up to 30%.

Washing machines: average duration

In general, the new washing machines do not last longer than the older ones, indeed, it is the contrary. On the one hand because they have more sophisticated and therefore more delicate technologies, but on the other also because it is convenient for many that an appliance that is now almost indispensable in a dwelling, often needs to be repaired.

The duration test that is carried out consists in having repeated cycles of rinsing and spinning which are the most tiring phases for the mechanical part washing machines. In addition to assessing that they do not break too easily, we also need to check how easy it is to get them fixed.

There are in fact washing machines designed on purpose to be very complex to fix, and that almost force us to say: "eh, okay, I'll take a new one that I do first". At that point for the our portfolio net it is better to have a washing machine that breaks a few months before but that should not be thrown away completely.

Washing machines: Altroconsumo

A reference site for those who plan to buy a washing machine is those of Other consumption. To evaluate the washing machine consumption, according to the models and brands, it analyzed 21 washing machines with top loading and 207 with front loading. More details can be found at the link.

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