Home automation: meaning and costs

Home automation: meaning and costs

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Home automation it is one of the terms that often occur today but that is difficult to explain in a concrete way, conveying the usefulness of what it refers to. Home automation is a modern and current science, future-proof, but which has been around for at least a decade changing the way we live everyday. Better not be left behind! And look ahead, leaving aside the distrust of everything that is "robot".

Home automation: meaning

By combining the words domus (in Latin “home”) and robotics, with home automation we want to indicate that discipline that includes multiple pure sciences and deals with technologies capable of improve the quality of life in the home. We talk about home, but in truth the innovations and ideas, progress and new challenges, concern all anthropized environments, offices, hospitals, including homes ... indeed!

Dealing with home automation means dealing with many different disciplines such as building engineering, architecture, energy engineering, automation but also electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, information technology and design. This mix is ​​aimed at improving the quality of life, also from the point of view of safety, making it even easier for everyone, and facilitating the design, installation and maintenance of many systems that require non-trivial technologies.

Those who are still suspicious, better take into account that home automation can reduce the costs of running a house or building and also help us to convert old environments and old systems so that they are greener and also more efficient.

Home automation: products

There are dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of examples of systems and systems home automation systems. Smart electrical systems, intelligent heating or cooling systems, programs that manage the switching on and off of household appliances, alarms and irrigation systems in the garden or balcony.

Sometimes home automation products they are totally autonomous and "reason" based on sensors, other times they require input from us.

There are also products that serve to reduce the presence of magnetic fields in the rooms, optimize the automatic protection in the event of a thunderstorm, isolate group television, decoder, video recorder on command or automatically at night.

Home automation and heating

Very useful is this science, applicated to intelligent air conditioning systems because on the one hand they save a lot, they also bring environmental benefits and, not to be overlooked, they spoil us! Yes, because if we set up the system well, we can decide the temperature at which we want to find our rooms when we return in the evening.

There are systems that work automatically based on the recognition of the presence of people, those that make an adjustment by evaluating the humidity rate. It is also possible to set the automatic shutdown of the radiator under an open window and self-program pre-air conditioning and preheating, as our taste.

Home automation and security

Home automation goes well with home security systems. Thanks to this combination, we can manage accesses and optimize anti-theft, anti-intrusion and anti-theft systems. Even fires and floods can be "protected" as well as from the presence of abnormal smoke or gas leaks.

Among the various home automation products that we find, linked to the safety aspect, there is no shortage of video cameras and remote assistance and remote assistance for lonely, elderly, disabled or sick people, video intercoms and alerts via email or SMS.

Home automation and energy

Home automation from a important contribution also with regard to respect for the environment because with technology it is possible to waste less energy and obtain houses with minimal impact on the territory.
No forgetfulness, maximum monitoring, smart buildings that make us save time and money.

With the most advanced systems of building automationFurthermore, we are faced with intelligent buildings in which it is possible to have a coordinated, integrated and computerized management of technological systems, IT networks and communication networks.

Home automation: costs

Product by product, even as the size of the house and the current energy rates vary, the price changes, but it always goes long-term savings and health benefits were also assessed and on the quality of life. In addition to the abatement ofenvironmental impact.

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