Meaning of colors: characteristics and properties

Meaning of colors: characteristics and properties

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Meaning of colors, to communicate or to capture the messages that nature, people or machines send us. Or our own body when it sees one shade or another. We often ask ourselves, talking about tastes and preferences, what actually pushes us to prefer one color over another. Is it a reaction that depends on our character, or on the moment we are living? It all depends, and that is why it is fascinating to investigate the meaning of colors, even from a physical point of view with il Newton's prism

Meaning of the colors: of the Italian flag

We talk a lot about Tricolor, appreciating it or despising it, or using it as a synonym to talk about Italy, but little is known about its history and why green, white and red are right next to it. There is a reason, beyond the fact that neighbors are really good together. The green, also a symbol of Milan, represents the Italian plains, white the mountains and red the blood of the fallen to free Italy from invaders.

Meaning of the colors of roses

When gives himself a rose, we often ask ourselves which is the best or most suitable color for the person receiving it. We can find valuable advice in the article dedicated to bouquet optimal but here are some good summary indications.

There White Rose represents pure and spiritual love, the pink one is suitable for a friend to whom we want to show affection, the blue one is a symbol of mystery and wisdom while the yellow at the same time communicates jealousy and even vivacity.

Meaning of colors in psychology

The colors and the character, are they connected? There are those who claim to know who we are, asking what color we feel, there are those who associate a certain type of color with each character and those who study and try to exploit the techniques of perception of color to your advantage. There are so many theories that connect colors and indoles or pathologies, difficult to side with one or the other but what we can say is that a bond is very likely to exist.

Even the mood, appetite and blood pressure and some metabolic functions are influenced by colors, there is also chromotherapy, which is increasingly known and appreciated. Even if we don't have time to dedicate ourselves, we can start pay attention to the colors around us, to those we wear and those we put on the plate. There is even a particular diet consisting of fruits pigmented with i five main colors.

Meaning of eye color

We can not choose eye color with which we are born but it, in some way, speaks of us to those who meet our gaze. It is more the expression than the color, often, because there are those who have bright blue eyes and who instead gives "boiled fish", for example.

However, we can generally try to define the Meaning of eye color. Green ones are often on the face of charming and mysterious, creative, self-sufficient and almost never angry people. The blue eyes characterize people who are shy and very cautious in life, but able to tolerate pain for good.

Who has very dark eyes he is usually skilled in sport, determined and agreeable, while those who have them are independent and self-confident, admired for the balanced personality he displays. The rare gray eyes are a sign of multifaceted personality, for people who struggle to stay balanced.

Meaning of the colors of the rainbow

The meaning of the colors of the rainbow it is explained and re-explained everywhere, it is better to find the time to admire these colors as a whole. Also thanks to the help of a magical "RAINBOW MAKER”, Also on Amazon at 42.28 euros. It is worth them all! I have one and it makes you gape.

Meaning of the yellow color

Every single color has its own meaning, yellow, one of my favorites, is combined with third Chakra, is a symbol of sunlight but also of knowledge and energy.

Meaning of the color blue

Blue, sea ​​color, trivially, color with many different meanings that would take a long time to explain. Let's start by saying that it is a symbol of harmony and balance, and also of calm, it is in fact often used to relax anxious people. It is not to be confused with the blue that represents the creative communication.

Meaning of the red color

Red is said of each, for better or for worse, and it is also symbol of political ideals, as well as love and blood. But it is first of all symbol of vital energy both mental and physical.

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