Tingling hands: causes and symptoms

Tingling hands: causes and symptoms

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Tingling hands, the real one, not the feeling you get in your head and heart, of anger, when you say that "my hands itch". That is anger, the desire, metaphorically speaking, to clap hands. On the other hand, physical tingling of the hands is annoying and can be a symptom of serious diseases, or not. Better to investigate the causes that are multiple and of different entities.

Tingling hands: causes

When hand tingling is localized, whether in the right or left hand, it can be caused by a compression of the ulnar nerve or by a incorrect posture. Think for example of the many times you use the mouse for hours and hours, or that you take a not very natural position, without even wanting to, and then you realize you have done "the damage". Then it passes, this kind of tingling hands, but it's still not pleasant.

If instead the tingling hands it involves both hands on the same occasion, the problem may be of circulation. It is the most likely cause, especially if the sensation lasts for a long time.

Among the causes of the tingling hands there are also other diseases that can cause us to worry, such as myocardial infarction and hypotension, other hypotheses that cannot be excluded without having listened to a medical opinion, are that of arthritic degenerative processes, De Quervain syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome, or problems with the cervical spine.

Tingling hands: symptoms

The symptom of tingling hands is obviously tingling, but it can affect only one hand or both and can for example occur together with other sensations such as loss of sensation in the fingers.

So there is tingling and tingling! There are occasions when the hands tingle and become almost suddenly cold or hot, or we feel weak. Also numbness and sleepiness, are sensations that can be associated with tingling hands.

Tingling hands: anxiety

We haven't mentioned it yet, as a cause, but anxiety can also lead us to feel tingling hands. The same goes for stress. In this case the tingling sensation, It is associated with hyperventilation syndrome and other classic symptoms a panic attack causes. Shaking, spasms, dizziness and tingling also in the feet and chest.

Tingling hands and arms

If the hands tingling is due to the carpal tunnel syndrome then it can also involve the arms and cause pain and paraesthesia. Especially at night but not only. From the hands the sensation rises to the wrists and in the arms in a rather annoying way, sometimes to take away sleep.

Possible causes of tingling that also rises in the arms are also lesions of the sensory nerves, a central or peripheral neuropathy or a transient ischemic attack (TIA) and multiple sclerosis. Of course, they are not the only symptom to recognize. In addition, people with diabetes mellitus may experience tingling in their hands which makes them seem to be wearing a kind of special glove.

Tingling hands and feet

When both hands and feet tingle, it is usually a circulation problem, or an anxiety attack. If this discomfort persists, it is better to see a doctor.

Tingling hand in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the localized tingling on both hands it can occur due to water retention. There are also thyroid pathologies including Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis and hypothyroidism, which can have the same symptoms as well as the deficiencies of vitamin B12.

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