Den dogs: list of breeds

Den dogs: list of breeds

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Den dogs, dogs used for centuries to flush out game from their burrows. They have been selected and perfected precisely to carry out this operation in the best possible way, whether it is hares, foxes or badgers. What this does type of dog, specifically, for those who cannot imagine it, it is entering the lairs and then starting a fight with the wild animal so that it comes out into the open. Then the hunting dogs arrive and they carry on, as in a canine relay, chasing the prey.

Den dogs: list of breeds

Among the den dogs there are many Terriers, but also other breeds that we expect less to find in this category. For example the dachshund, a very old breed, with strong hair and a really tough body. You can recognize den dogs yourself by consulting the list of dog breeds we have created to learn more about their characteristics.

Den dogs: characteristics

To be called a den dog, a dog certainly has to be very agile and alert. The character must be "fiery" because he is asked to enter someone else's house and throw the rightful owner out of the den and then "condemn him to death".

It is therefore very important that the specimens chosen to do so are courageous and obedient, resourceful and, from the physical point of view, they must show off a particularly developed mandibular structure. The canines, above all, and the masseter, so as not to let go.

Terrier lair dogs

There are many Terriers among the den dogs, let's see a few. The Bedlington Terrierit looks like an innocent little lamb yet it is very courageous and self-confident, the Border Terrier is another very suitable breed, known for being dedicated to work, originally from Northumberland.

THE Fox Terrier they are of British origin and have smooth or rough hair, they are excellent from the point of view of operation in the den. The most well-known of all burrowing breeds, however, is the Jack Russell, while the least known is undoubtedly today the Jagdterrier. It is a German dog, small, very good also in the recovery, used in the woods both in the plains and in the mountains.

Den dogs: breeding

If we are looking for a den dog that is really operative in this sense and not only because we like his race, it is better to turn to specialized farms which can show us both the most suitable breed for us and the specimen with the best characteristics.

Den dogs: training

The den dog trains in the field e you have to get used to the logic that exists during hunting trips, step by step. What usually happens is that the first to move is the hunter, choosing the favorable place and leading the dog in front of the den.

At this point the animal makes sure that the den is inhabited and enters it. It follows after a few minutes a sort of combat that ends with the flight of the prey outside. Still little and the prey is killed, but not by the hand of the den dog.

Den dogs: price

A healthy den dog specimen e with a good pedigree it usually costs no less than a thousand euros. However, it depends a lot on the breed and age, so you should first choose at least the first one and contact a specialized breeder.

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