Sports diet: program and advice

Sports diet: program and advice

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Sports diet, not to lose weight but to have or maintain a physique that is the best for practicing sports. Often different disciplines require slightly different diets because the body in a sense adapts to the efforts that are required of it. The athlete's diet is for maintaining fit your muscles, and more!

Sports diet: program

For follow the athlete's diet in a serious way and get results, the summary indications that are heard around are not enough and not even the conviction of doing the right things. We need a schedule that tells us average daily protein intake, for example, that it must be 1.1-1.5 grams of protein for each kg of body weight, even if those who carry out a sporting activity at a competitive level can also reach 1.7 grams.

In the food program of a athlete are welcome low-fat protein foods, such as: skim milk, yogurt, lean meat, fish, legumes. Also soy is fine but only if it is organic.

THE fats should not be completely eliminated but it is important not to overdo it, just because "then they burn". We focus on those of plant origin, such as the monounsaturated olive oil, and essential fatty acids from fatty fish and dried fruit.

One possible scheme of the sportsman's diet it includes, for example, a breakfast with whole milk, cereals and 1 fruit, a mid-morning snack with jam and rusks, a lunch based on rice or pasta, and Parmigiano Reggiano.

There snack it can be a fruit and meat or fish for dinner, cooked lightly, accompanied by bread and vegetables. It can also be concluded with a dessert, preferably not packaged, which is not bad at all.

Sports diet: table

To set a sportsman's diet it is better not to use the usual tables that indicate nutritional needs by age, sex and constitution because they are calculated on the average of the population, certainly not on those who exercise a lot like an athlete. Better then contact to a specialist doctor who, based on our physique and the sport we do, can give us an indication of what we need to eat.

Sports diet for weight loss

It may happen that to perform to the better a specific physical activity is useful to lose a few pounds. It is not possible to act at random, it is important that you do not go to eliminate the lean, muscle, necessary, but that actually the kg we lose are the ones to lose, without being left with less energy.

We do not therefore eliminate meat, fish and eggs, instead we limit sliced ​​or preserved foods. Cheeses can be eaten but in moderation. For pasta and rice, and carbohydrates in general, you can continue to enjoy them but not just before physical activity. A sportsman must not miss honey, even 5-7 portions a day are fine with fruit, however much concerns fats, let's limit them to dried fruit and extra virgin olive oil.

Sports diet: tips

When it comes to the diet of the sporty you need to get ahead that everyone has their own needs and tastes for which it must be customized. And woe to be left without energy: this diet must be used to have many and to be used at the right time. For those who want to learn more there is a useful "Sports nutrition guide. To increase muscle power, reduce fat, improve energy”, Also on sale on Amazon at 15.30 euros, written by Asker Jeukendrup.

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