Pothos - plant and care

Pothos - plant and care

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Pothos, a wrong name but now it has become the most used to indicate such a plant Scindapsus, from the Greek skindapsos: not identified. In truth it is not that nothing is known about this plant but it is said so to remember that it is very similar to ivy but it is not ivy. It is now called pothos for everyone, so better not dwell too much on the question and go and see what characteristics it has.

Pothos: plant

The genus of the pothos groups many evergreen, climbing plants, which give us the choice between growing them in hanging baskets or not. Originating of the Solomon Islands, the pothos can also become climbing plants if we offer them an appropriate tutor, they have no aerial roots.

It is all a tangle of stems, green leaves and not only green, but also with white, yellow or silver streaks that create artistic decorations. Plants of this genus can reach several meters in length.

Pothos in the water

In the water we do not find the pothos even if they have aerial roots, but they are plants that must be watered abundantly in spring and summer. Water is very important especially if sprayed on the leaves with a nebulizer. And if we want to "spoil" our pothos, place a saucer with expanded clay under its pot so that, leaving a trickle of water always present, it evaporating it can guarantee the desired humidity.

Pothos: cure

In addition to being evergreen, the species belonging to this category of plants are also very easy to grow and this only makes them very popular. It's a pity that never bloom in the house, except in rare cases, but otherwise they are adaptable to various environments and climates, the important thing is that they do not get cold, so be careful to place them where there is a strong current.

Also important to know that they love the light, it favors the variegation of the leaves if it is not directed on them too insistently.

Pothos with yellow leaves

Leaves with yellow or white variegations are not to be confused with leaves yellow because they are sick. In fact, it can happen that brown spots appear followed by yellowing and leaf fall. This happens if the plant has been subjected to drafts or at too low temperatures. The leaves turn yellow and stain yellow and brown also due to the red spider.

The leaves with yellow but healthy and bright stripes are instead those of the Scindapsus aureus, with dark green oval leaves with yellow streaks, able in nature to reach even six meters in height.

If we want that the leaves of our Pothos remain healthy and beautiful, let's clean them often by putting the whole plant in the bathtub and then pass the leaves with the shower jet and let them dry naturally.

Pothos: pruning

They are plants to prune when kept indoors, because they really can become very "long". It is good to do them after the leaf growth phase, not in spring. We can also find online Pothos Scindapsus Nkoy with white variegated leaves at 11 euros on Amazon.

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